Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

Raise your hand if you thoroughly enjoyed the Bay Area weather this last weekend! I sure did. Jared's sister and her boyfriend came to visit us last weekend and we were thrilled to have such wonderful weather for all of our sightseeing/adventures. I knew it was going to be awesome when the weather map on the news simply had the word "gorgeous" strewn across the west on Friday morning. On Friday we headed to San Francisco and had a wonderful time. We drove to Half Moon Bay and then up Highway 1 to get to the city. However, none of us remembered cameras, so we have no photo documentation of the good times. But, the weather was amazing and our adventures included such things as pizza from Golden Boy (best pizza ever), a drive down Lombard street, a drive-by of the Golden Gate, and some stops at several beaches/coastline sites. Good times.

On Saturday, we headed south to Pacific Grove/Carmel to do 17-Mile Drive. It was another beautiful day and good times were had again. This time, we remembered our cameras, so here are some photos of our adventures for your viewing pleasure:

I told you it was beautiful. The surfers thought so, too.

And who wouldn't want to tee off here, with the waves crashing in front of you (and yes, that really is a tee box)?

What a lovely couple (and great camera skills, Ashlee)!

And here is another lovely couple (though not quite as lovely as the first - JK).

We found some tide pools and saw starfish, hermit crabs, and sea anenomes.

And we spent lots of time carefully searching for sea glass.

Of course, cruising on 17-Mile drive is not complete without stopping to see the Lone Cypress and the 18th Green at Pebble Beach.

We finished the drive in Carmel and Jared practiced his paparazzi skills with Ashlee and David while we enjoyed the sunset on the beach.

After our day on the coast, we drove home, making an expensive stop at the Gilroy outlets on the way. We hope Ashlee and Dave enjoyed the trip. We had the best weather possible, so I don't think they had a choice but to enjoy themselves. Thanks for visiting, guys!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Please settle in. I'm about to go on a rant about pants (and no, those aren't mine).

According to Wikipedia (and we all know that Wikipedia doesn't lie), the average height for women over 20 years of age in the United States is 5 feet 4 inches tall. The last time I measured myself, I was 5 foot 3.75 inches. Usually I just round up to 5'4". Given these facts, can anyone explain to me why every time I try on a pair of pants, they're about 57 inches too long? And why I have to cut off a couple inches and re-hem almost every pair of pants I buy? I AM AVERAGE HEIGHT!!!! Can't somebody make pants that fit me? I would understand having to alter my pants if I were shorter than average. But, clothes are supposed to be made to fit the average person. And, according to Wikipedia, that's me. I wish that, like Tracy Jordan, I could simply yell, "pants, pants, pants" and well-fitting pants would be brought to me. That is not the case. Instead, I go in the dressing room, put on the pants, stand on my very, very tip toes, and still have an excessive amount of fabric bunched around my ankles. I might feel better about all of this if stores could knock off, say, 10 bucks from the price since I have to go home and fix them. But, no. I pay the full price and then have to go home, wash them a couple times to allow for any shrinkage, try them on again, figure out how much fabric I need to cut off, measure, cut, fold, iron, and sew the new hem in all before I can ever wear them. It is maddening! And I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Does anyone else have this problem? Given that I am average height, I feel like almost everyone should have this problem. Please tell me I'm not alone in my pants predicament!

Monday, December 7, 2009

We Can Hardly Stand the Wait...

...so Christmas, don't be late!!

Our tree is up

We have our awesome Lego advent calendar to help us count down

And we have snow (okay, we don't have any snow at our house, but we can see snow in the Santa Cruz mountains and, here in the Bay Area, that means it's COLD!)

We're ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This year, like last, we made the trek to Rexburg for Thanksgiving. This year, unlike last, it was cold and there was snow. When I checked the weather forecast before we left, I told Mr. Frisby that I might die there. He assured me that I would not and, indeed, I made it home intact. But, I was cold. This year, unlike last, we did not take any pictures. Fortunately, Mr. Frisby's sister took a picture of our one exciting outing. My father-in-law took me for an airplane ride in this bad boy (that's us taking off):

Can you see it? I know, it's small. There were only two seats in that airplane and it was awesome!

This year, unlike last, we saw a moose. Two, actually. We saw one crossing the street near the house. And as we drove by, we looked over at it and there was another one. Two moose! Moosen. Worth the trip, I think.

And that was pretty much the excitement for the trip. The rest of our time was spent bowling, miniature golfing, playing cards, seeing a movie, playing more cards, eating, sleeping, etc. We had a great time just relaxing and spending time with family. We even spent a few days in Utah to visit with my family there. Mr. Frisby got to attend his first BYU football game while I went shopping with my sisters. What a lovely vacation!