Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

Mr. Frisby did well, no?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas in San Francisco

It's an atrocious song, but San Francisco really is a great place to visit during the holidays (yes, I know the holidays are well over, but life has been a little hectic, okay). My sister and her family, visiting from Washington, wanted to spend a day up in San Francisco while they were here. Having worked in the city and being pretty familiar with what it has to offer, I was asked to come up with some ideas of what we could do there. I tend to gravitate toward activities and places that attract less of a crowd, especially during a busy time like Christmas, so here's what we did:

First stop was Baker Beach. It's a nice little beach with a great view of the bridge and is usually not very crowded. Also, it's one of the locations where Mr. Frisby and I took engagement photos.

Next we checked out the Wave Organ in the Marina. Unfortunately the tides were not ideal for the best Wave Organ sounds, but we had fun checking it out anyway. And, it's another good spot for pictures. Though it's a little blurry, I like the one I snuck of my parents walking along.

After that, we checked out the Palace of Fine Arts. It's a busier spot, but is near the Wave Organ, so it was a convenient stop. Unfortunately, it's being renovated, so it can only be checked out from afar. This may have been Scout's favorite stop since she found her arch nemesis, a very saucy bird, which she barked at non-stop.

Next up was a brief stop at Pier 39. Not my favorite stop on any day, but it's especially worse when the crowds are horrid during busy times like Christmas. My family wanted soup in bread bowls. I had a hankering for some tasty pizza. Since the busy crowds were making Scout very nervous, we left the family at Boudin's and headed to Golden Boy in North Beach for the best pizza ever. After we ate, we met up with the fam again at Union Square to check out the lights and do a little bit of shopping. Neither Mr. Frisby nor I were in a mood to document the rest of the day photographically, so we left the camera in the car (along with Scout who was totally pooped and could hardly be roused from her napping) and instead showed my sister how to take good night time shots with her camera. I wasn't in a total shopping mood, but I did find a beautiful pair of shoes on clearance at DSW and a nice little scarf at H&M, so it was definitely a successful stop. And that was our day in San Francisco. Good times as usual.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scout's Dirty Little Secret

We are convinced that in Scout's previous life, she must have been Squints from the Sandlot. You know Squints. He was the one with the thing for Wendy Peffercorn. Lotioning, Lotioning!

So what, you might ask, would bring us to this conclusion? Well, while Scout doesn't really have a thing for women, this little puppy has an extreme infatuation with lotion.

We can't figure out what it is, but when we put on lotion, she goes crazy. She immediately runs over and starts licking the lotioned skin incessantly. It doesn't matter what kind of lotion, it doesn't matter what it smells like, it doesn't matter where we put it. If we get out the lotion, Scout is all over it. This morning was a perfect example. After my shower, I was putting lotion on my legs. I try to be quiet with the lotion jar so she won't hear me, but I think she can smell it from over a mile away. As soon as I started lotioning, Scout came busting through the door and started licking my legs. Then, it's a race to put pants on so she doesn't lick all the lotion off. Then, as we were getting ready to leave for church, Mr. Frisby got out some hand lotion to put on his hands. Scout was fast asleep, but as soon as she smelled it, she was at Mr. Frisby's side, jumping up trying to reach his hands so she could lick them. We can't figure out what it is she likes about it, but we're worried it's become an addiction. Anyone know of any puppy rehab centers?