Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Great Adventure, Part 1

Last Saturday, Mr. Frisby and I set out for a great adventure. I even made sure to bring my adventure shoes for the occasion.

Our great adventure took place in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and was in connection with the Jespersen Family Reunion 2010. The first half of our adventure took place primarily in Rexburg with Mr. Frisby's family. Since we were heading to Island Park, Idaho for my family reunion, we decided to go to Idaho a few days early to visit with Mr. Frisby's family. We arrived in Rexburg on Saturday night after a long, but uneventful, drive. Our Sunday adventures included going to church, eating dinner, and playing guitar hero with Mr. Frisby's brother and his wife. No pics of those adventures. Our Monday adventures included going to BYU-I to say hello to some of Mr. Frisby's old teachers and then spontaneously attending a class where Mr. Frisby was asked to speak last minute to some students. We also got my wedding ring cleaned and refinished and then, that night, Mr. Frisby's dad took us flying in his airplane. Lots of pics of that last adventure.

My father-in-law's four seat plane

Mr. Frisby climbing in the cockpit

Me sitting in the backseat of the plane

We flew all around Rexburg, checking out the buttes, the river, the town, the sand dunes, and the remnants of the old Teton Dam.

Up, up and away!

The Buttes outside Rexburg

Flying over Rexburg - A lovely view including the Tetons and the Rexburg Temple

The Snake River

On Tuesday, we decided to head out for an excursion to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. My parents and sister were also in Rexburg staying with my uncle. So we all decided to go together. We first went to GTNP and headed to Jenny Lake so we could see Hidden Falls. At Jenny Lake, we ran into my brother and his family who had also decided to see GTNP before going to the reunion. It was a lovely pre-reunion reunion. After chatting with them for a little bit, we got on a boat to take us across Jenny Lake. When the boat dropped us off on the other side, it was a short half mile hike to Hidden Falls.

Jenny Lake

Gaylene, My Mom, My Dad, and me on the trail to Hidden Falls

While hiking up to Hidden Falls we ran into my sister and her family who had also decided to check out GTNP before heading to the reunion. After chatting with them briefly and making plans to meet up later in Jackson, we continued up the trail.

The Van Horns heading down the trail

Mr. Frisby and I at Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls was spectacular and definitely worth the hike. Since it wasn't a very long hike, we decided to continue on another half mile to Inspiration Point.

Mr. Frisby, My Mom, Gaylene, and My Dad at the very inspiring Inspiration Point

After returning to Jenny Lake, we decided to head to Jackson. On our way out of the park, we stopped for some photos of the Tetons. Then we continued on to check out Jackson.

Mr. Frisby and I and the Tetons

The Tetons

Mr. Frisby and I under the antler arch in Jackson

The Idaho side of the Tetons

Our Tuesday excursion was very fun. And Wednesday we went to the temple in the morning and then got ready to head to Island Park for the family reunion. Stay tuned for part 2 as the real adventures are about to begin.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Should Have Been A Doctor

Because of my schooling and work experience, I have a fair amount of medical training. To the point that I usually take more interest in any medical problems that my occur in my life than a regular person would. When a medical problem arises, I am impatient to know what's going on. I usually am too impatient to wait until I can get into a doctor and get a diagnosis. So, I turn to the internet and diagnose myself. Then, when I do get into the doctor, I already in my mind think I know what's going on. And, guess what? Of all of my recent medical problems accompanied by self-diagnoses, I have been correct. In fact, in one case, I was correct in my self-diagnosis while two initial doctors I saw were incorrect (fortunately, they made good referrals). So, why do I pay someone hundreds or even thousands of dollars to tell me what I already found out on the internet? Because, while I may be able to self-diagnose, I usually can't self-treat. But, all of this makes me wonder if I should've been a doctor. Or if there are more problems with our healthcare system than we would like to admit.

*Please don't let this post scare you. I am generally in good health and am not about to die.