Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Neighbors

Some new friendlies have taken up residence in our apartment complex:

They've been here for a week or two now and I don't know if they have plans to stay long-term or not. I'm not sure what they like about our pool. There's an apartment complex just around the corner that has some man-made ponds and water features that all of the other ducks seem to love. But, these two chose our pool for some reason. It's just one boy duck and one girl duck. I think they eloped.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are You Ready?

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games start tomorrow. This year they will be held in Vancouver. I am an Olympic Games fanatic and I wish that money was not an object and I could go watch the games in person. Nonetheless, I'm still very excited to start watching them on TV. Every two years I look forward to the awesomeness, the spectacle, the competition, the camaraderie that is the Olympics Games. This year, I will be fortunate enough to be watching the action in HD which is, perhaps, the next best thing to being there. I did not used to be a believer in the power of HD television. Then, I watched a full season of Survivor in HD and now I'm a total convert. So, our television will most likely be on 16/7 (I do have to sleep) for the next two weeks, tuned into NBC HD. Except, of course, having to catch up on a tivoed, non-HD version of the opening ceremonies because of a conflicting social gathering (what were you thinking, HB?). I have my spot all picked out on the couch and am ready to spend copious amounts of time parked in front of the TV for the next two weeks cheering for the USA. Are you?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Mr. Frisby and I have been in our new apartment for over three months now. I have been meaning to post some pics of our place since we moved, but things just kept getting in the way. Well, I have finally gotten around to taking some pics, so I would like to welcome you to this episode of "Cribs":

As you come through the front door, you enter our spacious foyer which is perfect for greeting all of our guests and visitors.

Going right off the foyer, you enter our recently remodeled galley kitchen which leads right to the dining area.

From the dining area, you have easy access to the kitchen AND the living room which really helps to connect those two areas.

Our spacious living room is where we spend most of our time, so we focused on making sure it has the necessities. Comfortable seating and a great TV.

Right off our spacious living room is our spacious balcony. We hope to take advantage of it once the rain stops and the weather gets a little warmer.

The bathroom. Not much needs to be said about it, but we do like the retro vibe it gives off.

The master bedroom with the half bed Mr. Frisby got before we were married. Someday we'll have a real bed that we can actually store things under and that I don't have to make from a kneeling position. Please note the quilt on the bed, though. I made it. Yep, tooting my own horn again.

We have a great view out our window of a tree and our swimming pool.

That's about it for this episode of cribs. If you ever want to see our place in person, we love visitors!