Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Things

1. I heart Target and here's one of the reasons why:

Found this bad boy while strolling through the Target wonderland yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the tag and it was on clearance for $13.74. It was the only one on the rack and just happened to be my size. I had no choice but to buy it. Of course, with the warm weather upon us it may be awhile before I can wear it, but it was a steal not to be passed up.

2. Our little birdie friends have hatched their young 'uns! We don't have any pictures because we're not quick enough on the draw, but we love to watch the little birdies coming and going with food for their little babies. They feed them several times a day and we've counted five little heads that pop up and chirp incessantly as long as there is food around. In fact, that's how we know that mom or pop have arrived with the vittles - all of a sudden we hear the baby chirping begin. And when the food is gone, the little babies nestle back down into the nest. They're so cute!

3. I hate American Airlines. This is not really anything new, just recently reconfirmed. In my last post, I mentioned that my return trip from San Antonio was hell. Here's how it went down: I had scheduled a return flight that would arrive back in the bay area by 2:30pm so I would have plenty of time to make it to work. I usually get to work around 4:20 to set up equipment for the strength and conditioning session which starts at 4:45. So, I'm sitting at the gate in San Antonio when the gate agent comes on the loudspeaker to say that our plane left Dallas late and would, therefore, arrive in San Antonio late. This meant we would not actually leave San Antonio until about 40 minutes after we were supposed to and if we had connections in Dallas we should talk to the gate agent. Naturally, a huge line forms to talk to the agent, but I was quick and was close to the front. So, I get to the front of the line and walk up to the agent as the person before me finishes up. Well, right as I get up to the counter, some fool strolls right up to the side of the counter and starts asking the agent about his connection. I looked at him (I was already mad about the flight and my best side is not usually manifest when I'm angry) and I said - in not a very nice tone, "hey, you know what? We're all in line (pointing to the very long line behind me) for the same questions." He looked at me and walked away. So, the agent looks up my reservation and kindly tells me that I will probably not make my connection, but they will keep my seat on the connecting flight just in case, as well as hold one for me on the following flight which would get me into the bay area at 4:15. Grrrrr! So, we finally board our flight and take off from San Antonio an hour after we were supposed to. I tell the flight attendant that I have a tight connection and she looks at me and says, "well, most people on this flight do." And that is all the help American gave me. So, while in flight, I look up the terminals in Dallas and figure out which gate I'm arriving at and which gate my next flight is at. Naturally, they're not in the same terminal. We did make up some time in the air and arrived in Dallas about 15 minutes before my next flight was supposed to leave. Of course, it took us 15 minutes to taxi to our gate. As soon as I was off the plane I made a beeline for the interterminal train and zipped over to the other terminal, ran to my gate only to see my plane just pulling away. Out of luck. So, I look up the gate for the next flight and it happens to be back in the same terminal that I arrived at. So, I head back over there, get myself a new boarding pass and wait for boarding. In the meantime and I had told Mr. Frisby that he would need to pick me up right when the plane landed (I had checked no bags) and take me directly to work so I could make it in time. Imagine my frustration when we board the plane and then sit there for an extra half hour while they fix some mechanical problem. All the while I'm trying to calculate the odds of landing with enough time for me to make it to work. If you remember from the beginning, the flight was scheduled to land at 4:15. If we took off half an hour late and the flight time is the same, then I land at 4:45 - exactly when I should be starting my session at work. So, as we get into the air the pilot comes on and says that we'll be able to make up some time because we weren't having the normal headwinds that we usually do out of Dallas (which was hilarious because just that morning, my sister Sharon had made the comment that when planes are late, the weather miraculously seems to improve, allowing them to make up time in the air). We did indeed make up some time and arrived in San Jose at 4:20. In Dallas I had requested an aisle seat as close to the front as possible. I was two rows back from First Class. The people around me probably thought I was rude, but as soon as the seatbelt sign was off, I jumped up, grabbed my carry-on from the overhead, zipped past the row in front of me and waited as the First Class passengers leisurely got up from their ginormous seats and gathered their belongings. I got off the plane fast and called Mr. Frisby as I ran through the terminal. He was waiting at the curb when I walked out of baggage claim and he drove me to work. I arrived at 4:40. I only had five minutes to get everything set up, but I was there on time at least, no thanks to American Airlines. As I have yet to enjoy a problem-free flight on American, I have decided that I'm done with them and they shall get no more business from me. If only all airlines could be like Virgin America. Mr. Frisby and I will be flying with them to Seattle in August and we look forward to being on the cool plane once again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

San Antonio

Sharon, Gaylene, Tracy and me in San Antonio

I just got back from a weekend in San Antonio with three of my sisters. It was my first time in Texas (unless you count layovers in airports) and I was a little nervous. I had a bad experience with a Texan stranger who seemed to have a problem with Californians when I was in college. The people seemed to be very nice, but I made sure to wear my NorCal shirt so as not to hide my true colors. I got over my initial reservations with the possibility of California hating and got down to the business of being on vacation with lots to see and do. First up was the Alamo. That was the main thing I wanted to do and it ended up being my favorite. I had read a book about the history of the Alamo before the trip so I would know why it was a significant place when I visited. I loved it!

The Alamo

Isn't it cool? We had great weather while visiting the Alamo, but just as we left it started to rain. So, we headed indoors to the mall so we could grab some lunch hoping the storm would blow quickly through. It didn't and, after a couple of hours in the mall (where Sharon must have cleaned out half the Gymboree store), we gave up and decided to brave the rain. We next headed to the Mexican market for a little shopping. I didn't really buy anything except a baby gift because I had had my fill of Mexican markets on our honeymoon in Mexico. But, it was fun and we ended up eating a great dinner there at a Mexican restaurant (that was the third stop at a Mexican restaurant so far and it was definitely not the last). On a sad note, we witnessed the death of two little ducklings while walking to the market. A mom and her 7 ducklings were swimming near the dam of the river. The mom stopped at the edge and the ducklings were just swimming right along the edge and all of a sudden, they all went over! We ran over to see the other side of the dam and only 5 little ducklings came back up. So sad!

Tracy, Gaylene and Sharon at the Mexican market

The next day was Sunday, so we rented a car for the day and decided to do all of the things that we would need a car for. We first went to church, but after that it was off for more great adventures. We went to another Mexican restaurant for lunch. This one was famous for its puffy tacos and, since Sharon was obsessed with having puffy tacos, we had to go. It was very tasty, especially the homemade flour tortillas. Mmmmm! After puffy tacos, it was off to the botanical garden. Botanical gardens are not my favorites, but there were some interesting things to see and it was an excellent opportunity to practice my fledgling photography skills. Actually, I don't really have any skills yet. I guess it was just an excellent opportunity to practice using our big kid camera. Anyway, I did love seeing the little pineapple plants and, of course, there was some goofing off.

Look at the baby pineapple! It's so cute!

Sharon, nearly invisible. Can you see her? I know, it's difficult.

That night, we switched from the habitual Mexican food and opted for some tasty BBQ. Rudy's BBQ had been recommended to us by several people and it did not disappoint. Mmmmm. I had to bring home some Rudy's rub for our next grilling adventure. After getting back to the downtown area, we went on a wild goose chase for a gas station. We searched high and low but were unable to locate a gas station until we finally stopped to ask where we could find one. Who knew that in downtown San Antonio gas stations would be so few and far between. During our search for a gas station, we stopped at Mission Concepcion, one of five missions in the Missions National Park (the Alamo is also one of the five missions). We had planned to rent bikes the next day and bike the mission trail to see all of the missions. However, we changed our plans and decided to get up a little early and drive to see all of the missions before we had to return the car. So, that's what we did and I thought the missions were pretty cool (for evidence of my strong like for historic missions, see this post). It ended up being a smart move to see the missions with our car because, as we drove away from the first mission, we were attacked by a small pack of dingos (read: two stray dogs). If we had been on bikes, there's no telling what could've happened to us.

Mission Espada

The four of us at Mission Espada

Mission San Jose

After the missions, we returned the car and then walked around this neighborhood which had all these old, historic houses. That was pretty cool. Then it was back to the hotel for a little swim in the rooftop pool. Very relaxing and I only got a little bit sunburned. After that we headed out to enjoy the riverwalk and to do some shopping. Sharon saw a pair of cowboy boots that she decided she needed. We loved the look of the cowboy boots with shorts when she was trying them on, so of course we had to get some pictures.

Sharon, in love with her cowboy boots. Lookin' good!

The Riverwalk

A doorway

We finished our shopping and walked along the riverwalk, soaking up our last evening of vacation. Then we found a restaurant for dinner and it was, you guessed it, Mexican! The trip back home was hell for me, but I'll leave that for another post. San Antonio was great! We had lots to do and lots to eat, but really we just had fun hanging out with each other. Hooray for vacation and hooray for sisters!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, it's Springtime and the birds and the bees have definitely been busy here at the Frisby home. We are pleased to announce that we have some little feathery friends on the way!

About a week ago, I noticed a pair of little birds building their nest in this hanging plant outside our kitchen window. Now the mama bird is always in the nest, so the eggs must be there.

I realize this is not the greatest picture, but if you look closely, you can just make out the silhouette of the mama bird's head. She's very protective of her little ones on the way, so getting really good pictures is not possible.

We don't know how many eggs there are or when they're due to hatch, but we're so excited for the proud mom and pop to be. And we love watching it all go down from the window!