Friday, January 18, 2008

Music to my Ears

Today has been a musical day. I mean, everyday is a musical day essentially. I'm in the car quite a bit (with an hour commute to work each way) and I'm almost always listening to whatever music suits my mood at the time. However, today I've been doing more thinking about music, not just listening to music. So, here are my musical thoughts of the day.

1. If I had to get rid of one decade of music, which decade would that be? Easy - the 90's. For me, I have the least attachment to that decade. I think less good music came out of that decade than either the decade before or after. That doesn't mean there was no good music in the 90's. If we eradicated that decade of music, one of my all-time favorite songs would be gone (I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders). But, I could handle not having that decade of music better than any other decade, I think.

2. I love the Carpenters. I have my guilty pleasures - music that I shouldn't like, but do. But, the Carpenters are not a guilty pleasure. I am not ashamed of the fact that I LOVE them. I am unabashedly and enthusiastically pro Carpenters. And you should feel that way about any band that gives you an irrepressible smile with just the first couple notes of a song. I have always loved the Carpenters, but today I heard one of their songs and I realized just how much joy fills my heart when I hear Karen Carpenters beautiful voice. It's like butta!

3. If I lost one of my senses, I think hearing would be one of the most difficult. No more music is like no more happiness.

4. Music is power. It has the capability, with only a few notes, to create/recreate/recall almost every emotion possible and not just one at a time. Certain songs can bring situations or memories to our mind with the force of a hurricane. Music is also a tremendous influence on our thoughts and actions. Case in point: Weezer's Make Believe completely changed my heart and mind two summers ago and it brings me right back to that summer whenever I listen to it.

5. There's more to making a great album than just putting great songs on it.

6. Putting your iPod on random is a great exercise in music appreciation. It takes each song out of its context and makes you listen to it for what it is. It also helps you revisit some of that music that you had forgotten about.

Hopefully music adds as much to your day as it does to mine. Here are a few of my current listens at the moment:

-The Shins Wincing the Night Away
-The Bravery The Sun and The Moon
-Longview Mercury
-Travis The Boy With No Name
-Coldplay Parachutes

Happy Listening!


Andrea said...

Very thought provoking post! Now I'm wondering which sense I'd hate to be without. Very hard to imagine life without any of them.

Ashlee said...

Well said... There is an entire album that brings back a lot of memories from a couple of years ago. Good memories. That's probably why I love that CD so much to this day.

Hilary said...

I'm always fascinated about how smells bring me back, too-as far as pre-school even. That's pretty incredible.

BTW, i LOVE the Carpenters too. I sang Close to You (karaoke) and dedicated it to AJ at his company Christmas party. Actually I think I already told you about that, but there you go...good times...

Dana said...

Now I know why you and Aaron always talk Music talk. I've been rating my songs on my Ipod when its on shuffle, I love it!