Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Slacking, yes, but I have pictures!

It's been a crazy time and, admittedly, I have been slacking with the blog updates. I have been checking other blogs, just not updating mine. I realized that I always get irritated when I check all the blogs and there's nothing new, but me not updating my blog probably contributes to similar irritation in the few who check my blog. So, I'll try to do better. And with all of that said, this post isn't much of an update. Hahaha. Mostly I'm just including the link to our wedding pics on my smugmug site. Here's the link:


For now the pictures will have to do, but I'll do a real update soon!


Andrea said...

So happy for an update. I think my favorite picture was #54--totally looks like he's checking his breath. :)

Veronica Cleverly said...

Pictures don't compare to being there in person but I feel pretty close to it. Thanks for sharing!