Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1 Year. . .

since this blessed day:

Yep, on Saturday, Mr. Frisby and I celebrated our first anniversary. It came a little quickly for both of us. So quickly that it was a little scary to watch it arrive.

Not all moments have been glorious, but they have been moments and it has been a wonderful year. We have decided that marriage is great and it turns out, Heavenly Father knows what He's talking about.

So, how did we celebrate the past year of marital bliss? We headed down south to visit Hearst Castle! Fortunately, the weather was amazing (I love California) and we had a great time. We drove down on Friday, stopped at one of the California missions along the way, ate lunch and did a tour of the castle. We then checked into our very cute hotel that was right across the street from the beach. When the sun was starting to set, we thought it would be fun to go for a walk along the beach, but by that time, the sun was going down and the wind had picked up, so when we got to the beach we decided it was too cold for a walk along the beach and just headed off to find some dinner. The next day we checked out and headed to the castle for tour number 2. The castle was really neat and there was lots to see. We'll have to go back again someday. After our tour, we got some lunch and then started on our way home. We stopped along the way to enjoy the scenery and to see another of the California missions. Then we ended up in Carmel for a wonderful dinner. It was a wonderful anniversary and we had a fabulous time!

San Miguel Mission

Mr. Frisby and I with the castle above my head. It's not that small when you get close

Me by the Neptune Pool

I told Mr. Frisby that if nobody uses this pool, it's a damn shame!

Mr. Frisby by the Casa Grande (the main house)

Yep, a little too cold for a walk on the beach

There was some fog on Saturday morning, but it made for some great pictures

Our cute little hotel

Some beautiful scenery along the way (again, it was a little foggy on the coast)

Soledad Mission


sabin8tors said...

That looks fun!

Molly said...

BEAUTIFUL! I really should go down there some day. Happy Anniversary!

AMY and ARTHUR said...

Congratulations you guys!! You made it! Ha, j/k....these days, we all gotta be proud of one year. I love that area of California. LUCK YOU!

mommafriz said...

I am with you on that pool! Congratulations on the Anniversary! Could you work on getting me a little Jared or Jenni before your next big anniversary? Come on just one it's not like I am asking for 8 or 14.

Jeff and Amy said...

Woohoo! One year down, an eternity to go. Boy do I miss California and it's weather!

Sharon said...

I spent my first anniversary 6 1/2 months pregnant. Time for an announcement. Your eggs are getting older. But I'm glad you got some alone time in. You know I love traveling.

Andrea said...


Beautiful photos too.

Gordita said...

Congratulations on one year!

Damn shame on that pool indeed.

Hilary said...

Aww that bright green grass REALLY makes me miss California in Spring.

Congrats on one year! I remembered the first year (mainly first 6 months) going by so slowly, and by the 2nd year, super fast.