Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Mr. Frisby and I just returned from a fabulous vacation to the Pacific Northwest. My sister, Tracy, lives just outside of Seattle and since Mr. Frisby has never been to the area, we decided it was time for a visit. We flew into Seattle on Wednesday morning and immediately set about seeing the town. We started at the EMP (Experience Music Project), but no pictures were allowed, so we have no physical documentation. But, we went and had a good time. Next up was the Space Needle. We were hoping the weather would clear before we went up, but it didn't. Still, there was stuff to see. And, who doesn't like looking around from 520 feet in the air?

Mr. Frisby, excited for the Space Needle adventure

Mr. Frisby and Tracy check out the scene below

My nephew, Mark, succeeded in keeping us very well-entertained throughout the day. One of the first things he did was head-butt a street sign. A couple other antics:

After our return from the Space Needle, we took the Monorail over to Pike's Place Market so we could buy some fish and watch them throw it. We also bought some flowers and tried some fresh fruit samples.

The Market entrance

Mark, Tracy and me at the fish counter

That's our salmon flying through the air. Can you see it?

Mr. Frisby contemplates the complex flavor of a pluot

We had a great day in Seattle!

After our very full day of sightseeing, it was back to my sister's house to cook our fish for dinner.

Up next: Mr. Frisby's first visit to Canada, our friendly northern neighbor


LJ and DC said...

Uh, how is it that our friendly Idahoan has never been to Seattle OR Canada?! That's crazy.
PS. For the millions of times we've been to Seattle, I've still never been to Pikes Place. Maybe someday!

Sharon said...

Did Tracy have to filet the salmon or did they do that for her? Although, we all know John is handy with a knife (Marty).

Cara said...

Mom! You're sick. You did not need to mention the rooster. Gross!!

Jared said...

They filleted it for us. They were very nice. They also gutted and cleaned the mackerel, although we asked them to not fillet it because of Jenni's tasty Portuguese recipe. And I know, it's crazy that I'd never been to Seattle or Canada until last week. But both of them exceeded my expectations (and my expectations were high).

Hilary said...

I like how the picture we get to see at the top of the space needle is of Mr. Frisby. Not the view. Haha.