Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am not a flan lover. In fact, if you asked if I liked it, I would probably say no. But, thanks to my friend Aaron, I have sampled the flan from El Pollo Loco and it is surprisingly tasty. So tasty that, upon spying an El Pollo Loco while out and about last night, Mr. Frisby and I decided to stop and get some. Mmmm. Smooth, creamy, carmely. Whether or not you like flan, you should probably give it a try. Yummy!


Sharon said...

Hate flan. It tastes like caramel jello. And since I don't love jello, I'm not into flan. Roxberry juice is right by El Pollo Loco. So when I'm in the mood for a treat, and I'm passing that area, I know where to stop.

Cara said...

What the heck is flan??