Sunday, April 3, 2011

On Buying a New Car

With a baby on the way, Mr. Frisby and I have begun preparations for the expansion of our family. One of the first things on our list was getting a new car. We needed one in which we could tote little Bluebeard around without feeling like Inspector Gadget, pulling out all these tricks just to get the little tike into the back seat of our very un-family friendly two-door cars. Enter Ox.

We came home with this bad boy on Friday night. We have been looking, researching, and test driving different cars for weeks. We went out on Friday night with the intention of doing some more test drives and getting more information, not actually buying a new vehicle. However, after test driving several more cars, we went back to the Mazda dealer and after talking numbers and striking what we felt was a good deal, we bought the car. And I named it Ox. There are a number of things I'm excited about. It has leather seats, built-in bluetooth, seat warmers, and automatic climate control with separate rear passenger controls. It also has a good amount of power. Overall, we're pretty excited about our purchase. The downside was that poor Mr. Frisby had to say goodbye to his Mustang. Of course, I don't really see it as a downside. I mean, come on, he inherits Maggie MINI. That's a pretty decent trade, if you ask me.

Anyway, the whole car-buying process made me think back to my purchase of Maggie, my 2007 MINI Cooper S. These two purchasing experiences were like night and day. I bought Maggie brand new. I basically built her online and knew EXACTLY what I wanted. I went to the dealer and ordered my car. And I knew exactly what I would be paying because with MINIs, there's no negotiating. They don't need to. You pay MSRP plus any dealer mark-up (I went to East Bay MINI which doesn't have a mark-up). Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. The hardest part was waiting the nine or ten weeks for Maggie to arrive from England. I tracked her progress incessantly. See, on the MINI website, you can track your car and see where it is on the assembly line and in the delivery process. Then, I found out which shipping company would be handling her transport, which ship she would be on and then I tracked the progress of the ship. I could even watch her ship going through the Panama Canal via the Canal's webcams. And when Maggie arrived in America, I could see it on the website. And I knew Maggie had arrived at the dealership before they even called to tell me. I waited for her with much anticipation and excitement.

Now, take Ox. So far, Ox has been great. But, let's be honest. Who gets excited for trading in their dream car for a family wagon? We weren't really picky and didn't have any really specific criteria. There were just a few things we needed to have and we could get those in any of the models we had researched. We liked a number of the cars we looked at. This gave us good negotiating power. Because if you're not buying a MINI, get ready to negotiate. It was kind of a spontaneous purchase. Not an impulse buy, but we bought before we were planning to anyway. We saw a car we liked, in a color we liked, with the options we liked. So we negotiated. Hardcore. And it took a little while. And, in the end, we walked onto the lot not planning to buy a car and then left with one. No waiting. No tracking. No anticipation. But, exhausting.

Night and day.

I hope all of our preparations for little Bluebeard are not this crazy.


LJ, DC and ML said...

Yay! Congratulations on your new addition. How exciting. I may need you to shop for a new car for me sometime soonish. :)

Gordita said...

Way to negotiate! And I love the name. You guys are so clever.

Molly said...

Oooh. Pretty. My condolences to Jared for the loss of his car. However, babies are way cooler than mustangs. For sure.

Andrea said...

Very exciting! I really like our Mazda, and your's sounds like is several steps up from ours. ;)