Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Months

 Merry Christmas blogosphere!  Once again, I'm a little late.  Stella was three months old on Friday.  Can you believe she just keeps growing?  She's been into her 3-6 month clothes for a few weeks now.  I was excited to make the change because she has some really cute outfits.  But, when she started wearing the bigger clothes, I was also a little sad to realize she would never wear those smaller clothes again.  It's not like me leaving my regular clothes behind for a few months when I moved on to maternity clothes during my pregnancy.  I knew I would be back in those clothes eventually (and it feels so great!).  No.  She will NEVER wear those clothes again.  It's a little sad.  But, life goes on and she keeps growing.  In fact, she's growing very well and getting quite chunky as you can see in these pictures.  Her doctor was very impressed with her weight gain at her last check up.

Here she is with her Aunt Tammy just after Thanksgiving.  Those cheeks are very kissable (Stella's, I mean).

And tolerating tummy time.  This has actually been getting a little more fun over the last month.  Not really for her, but for me.  I get to see her getting stronger and starting to push up on her little arms and it's fun to see her grow.  She likes it about the same as she always has.  For only a few minutes at a time.

Since we didn't get many pictures of Stella on her blessing day due to inclement weather outside and horrible lighting inside, I did a little photo shoot of her in her blessing dress a couple weeks later.  Here she is showing off her left hook.

I got out of the shower a few days ago and saw this.  Little Stella asleep in her bouncy seat with her bow slipped down over her eyes.  It made me laugh.  I don't know at what point the bow slipped down - before or after she fell asleep, but she didn't complain so I like to think it was after.

And that says a lot about Stella.  She doesn't complain in general.  She's a pretty easy-going, mellow baby and she's great.  This last month she's started to pay more attention to her toys and swats at them and reaches for them all the time now.  She can hold them in her hand if we put them in it, but she doesn't really realize she's holding it.  She recognizes us and our voices.  In fact, the first Sunday in December, we got to church and sat down just as the meeting was starting.  Stella was drowsy and her eyes were droopy, but she wasn't asleep yet.  She was starting to doze off in her car seat when Mr. Frisby got up to start the meeting as it was his turn to conduct.  As soon as she heard her daddy's voice through the microphone, she perked up and listened for a few minutes.  It was pretty cute.  She's also started laughing this month, though she's very stingy with them.  She's given me a couple little laughs here and there and she giggled quite a bit at her Aunt Gaylene, but that's about it.  She does have a favorite toy, though.  It's a little yellow lion that squeaks when you squeeze it.  Without fail, she smiles at that little lion whenever you give it a squeeze.  It's adorable.  She also rolls onto her side all the time now when I lay her down on her back to play.  And, she's also discovered how much fun it is to watch Scout playing.  She just sits there smiling while she watches the dog running around playing with her toys.  Again - it's adorable.  We just love watching this little girl grow and learn.  She's the best!

And, although, it's a couple days after her three month mark, here's a picture of our little cutie all ready for church on Chrismas Day!


Molly said...

Happy 3 months, Stella!!

Sharon said...

Just read your blog about the bird. Steve didn't have the heart to smash a mouse he caught, so instead he filled up a 25 gallon bucket in the middle of winter. Yes, the mouse did drown when we checked it the next day, right under a sheet of ice.

mommafriz said...

Thanks for sharing, she really is beautiful.