Friday, March 23, 2012

Six Months

I can't believe little Stella is six months old already.  It's crazy how fast she's growing up.  The big news this month is that she's started solids.  She took to eating like a fish takes to water.  A good sign of things to come, I'd say.

Probably her first reaction to solid food (Rice cereal, in this case) was bewilderment.  But, she caught on quickly and her feedings are usually successful.

She seems to like almost everything I've given her with the exception of peas.  She does not care for those at all and gets a little upset when I try to sneak in bites between bites of cereal or something else.  She also doesn't really like her cereal plain.  But, if I mix it with apples and throw a little cinnamon in there, she's all over it.  Her favorites so far seem to be Bananas, Apples, and Sweet Potatoes.  I've recently decided to try making my own baby food, so we'll see how that goes when I start giving it to her.

For the first couple of weeks, we just fed her in her car seat since her sitting was still a little unsteady.  But, pretty soon she was able to sit better, so we got her a high chair.  And she LOVES it.  She looks like the queen of the world sitting there looking down at everything, so satisfied with herself.  It's pretty funny.

Notice her blurry little legs in the first picture.  That's because she doesn't stop kicking them.  Ever.  Kind of like how they were also constantly going before she was born.

She also continues to build her friendship with Scout.  It's pretty cute to watch those two.  I can tell Scout is just dying for the day when Stella will be able to play with her.  If Stella gets a hold of any of Scout's toys, she runs over and grabs it to play tug.  But, alas, Stella isn't strong enough to hold on, so their game of tug lasts all of 0.34 seconds.

And Scout gets so excited to see the baby when she wakes up in the morning or from naps.  Here she is just waiting by the crib for Stella to wake up.

She's getting more and more mobile each day.  She rolls from her tummy to her back very well now, so she just rolls all over the place.  She's also getting more stable while sitting and loves the new perspective it gives her.  And, just in the last couple of days, she's started to get upset if she sees something she wants and I take it out of her sight.  Good times are ahead, I can tell.

She's also growing and will soon be leaving her 3-6 month clothes behind.  She's grown out of a few things already and has moved up a diaper size.  She's also more accepting of the camera and is just happy and smiley in general.  She loves to chase Scout around.  I hold her and chase the dog and sing, "get the puppy, get the puppy" as we go and she thinks it's the best thing.  She also loves it when we sing to her and dance around with her.  And we're getting excited (and nervous) for her first long road trip when we head to Idaho and Utah next week.  We'll see how she does.  She also still loves her mama, but is getting a little better about letting other people hold her.  We left her with my sister the other night so we could go to dinner for our anniversary and she did pretty well.  She didn't cry the entire time, so we feel it was a success.  She actually reached for Mr. Frisby during Sunday School a couple weeks ago while I was holding her.  That's a first for her.  So, she went to her daddy and fell asleep in his arms for the rest of the Sunday School lesson.  It was great.

And that's our little 6-month-old.  We love watching her grow!

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Amy S. said...

Oh my goodness, she is so CUTE.