Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Year

Today is Stella's birthday. It seems like an eternity since my last post. We have had a VERY busy September. There are blog posts to do and activities to catch up on. But, you only turn one once and I wanted to blog about my little one-year-old before I revisit our many September activities. We had a little birthday party for her yesterday, but that deserves it's own post. This post is all about Stella.

So, what is the little tyke up to these days? Well, she still isn't walking, but she's getting closer. She's getting braver and lately has been letting go of things so she can stand for a few seconds. She first decided to do this on our train ride to Seattle (which will be another upcoming post). She was standing on the bed in our little sleeper room while the train was moving and, apparently, decided this would be the perfect time to try to demonstrate what, for her, was an amazing feat of balance. It was difficult for us to walk around the train with perfect balance and, yet, she decided it was time to practice. And she did a decent job. And she has continued practicing her standing and getting braver and braver since we got off the train. She has a little push cart that we got her for Christmas last year and she loves to walk around with that thing. It's really cute to watch her. But, you'll just have to take my word for it because Blogger won't upload the video. We did get her some awesome new shoes in anticipation of this milestone of milestones. She'll be walking very soon.

She still loves the Tupperware cupboard and empties it almost daily.

I weaned her a few weeks ago, so now Mr. Frisby also gets to take turns feeding her and putting her down for the night. We always include reading her some books with her bedtime routine and we've noticed that she's starting to have preferences and favorites. "The Monster at the End of this Book" is one of her favorites. She also loves "Little Blue Truck" and "One Fish, Two Fish". We know them well enough that we can recite some, if not all, of the lines from the books without looking and, if we do, she loves it. This came in handy on our train ride when I forgot to bring any of her books with us. She seems to prefer books that rhyme and that have a large picture to word ratio. She has a hard time getting through books with lots of words at this point because she's still to young to really get into stories. If we're reading her a story that's not one of her preferred ones, she just tries to play with the book and shut it and look around and otherwise make it very difficult to get through. But, if she likes the book, she just settles in to listen.

She had her second hair cut at the beginning of the month. As you can see, she was in dire need of it.

 She did well, as she did the first time, and came out of it looking cuter than ever. And, to Jessica's credit, she gets regular compliments on how cute her haircut is.

She has seven teeth now and I'm guessing she's working on more. She's been chewing on things like crazy and seems to be slightly more bothered by it. However, it doesn't seem to disturb her sleep like it used to.

She continues to be a great sleeper. At least at night. Her naps sometimes leave something to be desired. But, it doesn't help when she falls asleep in weird positions.

I recently put a couple of stuffed animals in her crib to see if she would develop any attachment. Many of the things I've been reading about children her age say that, by this time, they've usually developed an attachment to something - a stuffed animal, or blanket, or soft toy - that brings them comfort. A "lovie". Well, Stella couldn't care less about soft toys. They don't "do" anything. So, I thought maybe if I put some in her crib, she would be more interested and maybe become attached to something. Not so. The little animals sit in her crib merely to welcome her when I lay her down and bid her adieu when I get her up. She pays them absolutely no mind. Maybe next we'll try a blanket...

She recently learned to shake and nod her head. She doesn't know what it means, so she just randomly does it when she feels like it. It's funny. She doesn't really say any words yet. I think she said "Scout" the other day. In fact, I'm fairly certain she did. But, she hasn't done it since then, so it's hard to be sure. When we tell her to say "Mama" or "Dada", she just laughs. And if she gets in trouble, she just laughs. The other day, she bit me, so I flicked her cheek to startle her and I sternly told her not to bite. She just looked at me and laughed. She also knows what things she's not supposed to get into, so she'll crawl over to those things and look around for me to see if I'm looking. Then, when she sees that I am, she smiles and deliberately starts getting into them. If she's going for something and knows I'm coming to stop her, she starts laughing and crawls faster to get away. I think we're in trouble.

And with a face like that, how will she not get away with everything?

It's definitely been a crazy and awesome year. I'm excited for toddlerhood, but yesterday, after the birthday party was over, it hit me that the baby stage was ending and it made me really sad. I didn't think I would be very sad, but I totally was. This year has definitely flown by and that makes me a little scared for the coming year. It's hard to take everything in when it goes by so fast and I don't want to miss anything with her. It makes me so grateful that I'm able to stay home to take care of her. We love you, little Stella, and we're so excited to see what this next year has in store.

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MomandDad said...

Can't believe it's been a year already. What a grown up little girl. Such a joy and such a happy little girl she is.