Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year was the first Halloween for which Stella was aware of the goings on around her. She doesn't really understand the whole thing, but she could at least see more than a foot in front of her. So, we were excited to start introducing her to all the fun Halloween traditions. On Monday night, we carved Jack 'o' Lanterns. We put Stella in her high chair so she could watch what we were doing. She quickly got bored and soon after that, tired, so we ended up taking a break from pumpkins to put her to bed. We finished them after she was asleep, so we just took pictures with Scout, who I'm sure thought we were crazy.

During the day on Halloween, I took pictures of both of them with the pumpkins. Again, I'm sure Scout just thought I was crazy.

After dinner on Halloween, we got Stella all dressed up in her costume to go out for a little bit of Trick or Treating. She was a 50's girl.

The sunglasses were a last minute addition to the costume. I grabbed them for pictures thinking we'd be lucky if she left them on for a few seconds so we could snap some good photos. Little did I know that she would embrace the sunglasses as an essential part of her costume and keep them on all night. Girl knows how to pull off a look.

We dressed Scout up, too. She was a hot dog. And she hated it. But, Stella loved it and thought it was hilarious.

When we were all ready, we headed out the door. We just wanted to go to a couple neighbors' houses since Stella really won't eat the candy. But, we did give her a candy bag to carry with her and she held onto it all night long.

Out trick or treating. She still has the sunglasses on and still has her candy bag.

When we got back home, Stella made sure to check out the haul (which ended up being about five pieces of candy). Of course, with the sunglasses still on.

She also enjoyed seeing the trick or treaters that came to our door. After checking out her candy, we changed her into her Halloween pjs and decided to snap a couple pictures of all of our pumpkins.

Overall, it was a successful Halloween. Stella seemed to enjoy the festivities and, after this year's run through - a dress rehearsal, if you will - I think she's adequately prepared for some serious trick or treating and Halloween celebrating next year. We hope you had a wonderful Halloween, too!


Ashlee said...

Stella totally rocks those sunglasses. I wanted to buy a hot dog costume for Tony too, but I knew she'd flip a lid if I made her wear it.

Tammy said...

What a perfect 50s girl! And the sunglasses make the outfit! Very cute pics of some serious good times.

MomandDad said...

Stella makes an adorable 50's girl. Love the sunglasses. I am amazed she kept them on.