Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gymnastics Weekend

Stella just turned 16 months and a post about her is forthcoming. But, I wanted to blog about Gymnastics Weekend first. What is Gymnastics Weekend, you ask? Well, it's the weekend that my sister and my nephew came to town for his gymnastics meet at Stanford. My nephew is ten and lives in Utah. He doesn't often have gymnastics meets out of state, so this was our first opportunity to watch him compete. Obviously, gymnastics was a big part of the weekend. But, we did other fun things with them while they were here, too.

First off was a day trip to Pinnacles National Monument. My sister wanted to do a hike there. I was hesitant to do it with Stella because the trails at Pinnacles are not, shall we say, stroller friendly. We went on a Friday, so Mr. Frisby couldn't join us which meant I would be packing Stella the entire way unless she was of a mind to let someone else hold her. And you can never bank on that with her. In spite of my reservations, I let everyone talk me into doing the hike and it turned out great. Stella was not really of a mind to let anyone else hold her for more than a few moments, but she was of a mind to walk almost the whole hike. And it was actually really good for her because she's always been a little timid about walking around outside and the hike got her really used to walking on different terrain. She loved it, it was a great hike, and we had fun.

The only scary part for Stella was going through the caves. They made her nervous. Which isn't that surprising since it was her first encounter with a cave. I tried to get a picture of her near the entrance to the first cave we went in, but she was freaking out and would have none of it. Once we made it through, though, she had no problem stopping for a photo on the other side.

We hiked up to a reservoir and stopped there for a little break. Stella loved it. She was able to run around and enjoy the outdoors. She also had fun collecting everyone's water bottles and carrying them around.

From the reservoir, you have the option of continuing on the trail which eventually gets you back to the parking lot or you can turn around and go back the way you came. We opted to turn around and go back the way we came since it would be a lot shorter.

I had my sister snap this pic of Stella and I on the way back so I would have proof that I was actually there.

My nephew's gymnastics meet was Sunday morning. Mr. Frisby couldn't go since he had too many responsibilities at church. I decided I would rather chase Stella around a noisy gymnasium while watching my nephew compete than chase her around AND try to keep her quiet and happy at church, so we headed to Stanford to watch the meet.

It was really fun to watch my nephew. They're split into levels based on age and skill level, so I think most of the kids competing were between 10 and 12, with maybe a few that were a little older. When they all came out for their march in, I just thought they all looked so small. And then they started doing their routines and it's amazing what they can do! Here's my nephew in action (I would like to have taken our DSLR to take some good pics, but I knew that would be impossible if I had Stella to keep track of, so all of these pics are from my iPhone):

Pommel Horse


Parallel Bars

High Bar

I took a couple pics of his floor routine, but it was farther away so they were pretty blurry. And the vault was so far away I didn't even attempt it. Stella had a great time climbing up and down the bleachers and collecting water bottles (she has a thing for water bottles, in case you couldn't tell) and it was really fun to watch my nephew. Great weekend!

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