Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Years

I got married five years ago today. That's nuts! So, what did Mr. Frisby and I do to celebrate? Well, he's currently in Beijing, so nothing. But, it's totally fine because that's why we went to Disneyland last week! We decided to celebrate this milestone with a couple days at the Happiest Place on Earth. And, it gets better. My mom agreed to watch Stella for us for the couple days, so we got to go by ourselves! How fun is that? Super fun - I promise. Just look how happy we are.

We dropped Stella off at my parents' on Wednesday morning and then caught our flight to OC. We quickly dropped our stuff off at our hotel and headed to the park. I absolutely love walking into Disneyland because all of the anticipation and excitement of the great times ahead suddenly transitions to actual good times occurring. It's magical!

Our first stop was at the Town Hall to get our Happy Anniversary buttons to wear. All day both days people were wishing us Happy Anniversary. In fact, Princess Aurora even wished us a Happy Anniversary when we bumped into her on the way out of the park on the second day. We had reservations for lunch at The Blue Bayou (you know, the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean) and had some amazing food. I love that place. The rides were so great, as always. Except, it would've been nice if Big Thunder Mountain Railroad had been open. Still, when riding Space Mountain is part of your anniversary celebration, it doesn't get much better than that. Oh wait, yes it does. When you meet up with a good friend on day 2 and all get to ride Space Mountain together!

And when said good friend doesn't do spinning rides and is, therefore, available to take photos of you on the Teacups!

I really like the teacup pics because I'm cranking that little wheel as fast as I can trying to get us spinning as fast as possible and Mr. Frisby is trying to focus on one point so that he doesn't get too dizzy to the point of being sick (except the one time when he stopped to wave at Amy).

Our first day there, I must admit, I was less relaxed because I was a little stressed about how Stella would do. We have never left her overnight before, so this was a big deal. I had slept horribly the night before because I was worried that I would forget something she needed or forget important instructions for my mom and that Stella would not take being left well. Plus, we had to get up early to get Stella to my parents' and get to the airport. So, I was sleep-deprived and a little stressed. But, we still had tons of fun and a few texts from my mom throughout the day assuring me that Stella was doing great eased my mind. Though we had lots of fun, we got tuckered out a little earlier than I would have liked (proof that I'm getting old. Bleh.) and headed to the hotel to relax.

With my mind at ease about Stella and having gotten more sleep, I was much more energetic on Day 2. Good friend Amy picked us up from out hotel and we headed to the park for lots of fun. It was a fabulous day! We rode rides, we ate more good food, we enjoyed not having to worry about a small child. It was awesome!

The saddest part was having to leave the park to head to the airport on Thursday night. We had such a blast and it was such a great break from Stella. We love her to death and were really excited to see her when we got back (even though it was late when we got to my parents' and we had to wake the poor girl to go home), but breaks are really nice sometimes. It was a magical anniversary celebration!

And, lest you think we completely forgot about Stella while there, rest assured we didn't. Our 2 days in the park brought me to the realization that I will be somewhat annoyed when we have to take her because I know she will slow us down and we will not be able to ride all of the rides that we normally would. However, the whole time we were there, I kept thinking about how much she will love it, so it makes me excited to take her someday in spite of that. We also had fun picking up a few little things to bring home for her. The favorite was the little stuffed Chewbacca. She learned about Wookiees from her Star Wars ABC book. Her favorite page is the W for Wookiee page. So, when we saw the little stuffed Chewbaccas, we knew we had to bring one home for Stella. It was a huge hit.

A proper way to celebrate five years, I'd say!


LJ, DC and ML said...

Super fun! Yup, disneyland with the minis is very different but even better I think. Happy Anniversary!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Happy anniversary!!! No worries. Dland is different with babes. Way different but so fun!

MomandDad said...

We couldn't have asked for a better little girl We loved having Stella with us for a couple of days. She didn't even whimper. A break is good for moms. It makes us human again.

Dalene said...

Amen to your mom's comment about making us human again! SO GLAD you guys were able to get away, and such a fun trip. And, why does it bring me so much joy to know that even Leah Jespersen needed a break from her kids once in awhile? :-) Love you all.

Gordita said...

Happy 5th anniversary!

Tammy said...

Disneyland is one of my favorite places too, with and without kids. It's just different. But it is most important to take trips away from the kids with just hubby because then you remember why you love the kids and get energized to go back to them.