Friday, November 22, 2013

A Sea Day

After adventure after adventure after adventure, we were definitely ready for a sea day. We were cruising on the Celebrity Silhouette and it's a very nice ship. It was high time we enjoyed it a little.

Actually, we really didn't do much except relax. And it was so great. We went to the pool and swam for about 10 minutes before Stella got kicked out. Her offense? She was wearing a swim diaper. Honestly. The nerve of that girl. With swimming out we headed back to our cabin to relax. Stella played with the camera cables while wearing her new soccer shirt we bought her in Croatia.

We put Stella down for a nap and Mr. Frisby decided to join her. I headed back up to the pool where I found Gaylene, Tracy, and John. And, we had a very enjoyable afternoon. As we lounged in the sun, pool butlers would come around with refreshing wet towels for us every so often. Soon, Tracy and John headed up to the grill to get a hamburger. Why? Because they could. As I recall, it wasn't really lunchtime. But, you could just walk up and get a hamburger and fries and it didn't cost anything. So, why not? While they got food, Gaylene and I lounged in the sun. Soon, another guy came by passing out little ice cream cups. Naturally, we each took one (when someone hands you an ice cream cup while you're lounging poolside on a cruise ship, you don't say no) and after a few spoonfuls, we wondered whether it might have alcohol in it (since we don't drink). It was delicious, so we decided not to worry about it and ate it anyway. After the ice cream, I decided I needed a hamburger, too. I wasn't hungry, it wasn't lunchtime, and we would soon be heading off to a delicious dinner in the dining room. But, the hamburger was just a few steps away and it doesn't cost anything, so why not? Besides, how often do you get to enjoy a hamburger poolside on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea? Probably about as often as you get to enjoy ice cream that may or may not have alcohol in it poolside on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. There are just some opportunities that you don't pass up.

Don't worry - the hamburger was tasty.

At some point we did get in the pool for a few minutes, but it was such a relaxing afternoon that it all kind of blurred together.

After awhile it was time to get ready for dinner. It was the second of our formal nights, so we had to put on our best. These two clean up pretty nice, don't you think?

After dinner, we snapped some pictures of Stella enjoying one of her favorite spots on the ship. This little "nest" was right next to the elevators, so we passed it multiple times a day. Usually we were in a hurry to get somewhere so we would just breeze past it. But whenever we had a few minutes, we would stop so Stella could play in it.

And that was our sea day. It was a much needed break and got us recharged for the next few ports we had coming up. Since this is a shorter post, I'll post a few pics from other good times on the ship as well.

After our day in Kotor, we decided to go to one of the specialty restaurants for dinner instead of the main dining room. We decided on the Lawn Club Grill. It's a very casual, mostly outdoor restaurant up on one of the top decks where there's a lawn area. It was a great pick because we were able to enjoy the sunset and the beautiful scenery as we sailed out of the Bay of Kotor. Here we are enjoying the lawn area before we sat down to eat.

The restaurant is unique in that you can help with making some of your food if you want. Like the flatbread.

Stella quickly squirmed her way into the hearts of the wait staff and was given her own little apron. She also squirmed her way into the hearts of the other restaurant patrons who cheered and clapped as they put her apron on. Pretty exciting for an almost-two-year-old.

The food was delicious and it was a great meal. We ate at another specialty restaurant as well while on board, but that was on Stella's birthday, so that will be for another post. For now, another photo of Stella in her little "nest".


MomandDad said...

Great post of a great day.

Sharon said...

Wow, I can't believe she got kicked out for a swim diaper. Dad didn't even get kicked out when he turned the water red with his blood (luckily, he took himself out). Although, the other patrons got out pretty quickly.