Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shake it up Baby, now!

Let me just reiterate reason number 16 why I love California: Earthquakes!!!! Tonight we had an earthquake and here's what I know: a pretty sweet magnitude 5.6 earthquake never hurt anyone! I told Jared that this was the strongest earthquake I've ever felt. That may not be true, but I wasn't lying (I was riding in a bus when the big one in '89 hit, so I didn't feel it's full effects). It got a little scary when it kept going and going and going, but mostly it was just exciting! I love you, California!!!!!


Hilary said...

Cool! Even though I grew up there, I can't ever remember feeling one.

Andrea said...

So, what is it that you love about them? I've never felt one, but I've always thought of them as something scary.