Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last night I went to a great concert. It was Travis. If you aren't familiar with Travis, I highly recommend that you get to know them. They released a new album this year that is fantastic. Back to the concert. Travis came on last night with probably the greatest entrance I have ever seen a band make. When the lights went down, they started playing the theme from "Rocky". The lights were moving all around, but the stage was dark as everyone waited for the band to come on. All of a sudden, my friend Aaron pointed to the rear of the theater. I looked over and there was the band making it's way to the front of the room. They were all wearing boxer's robes and were escorted by a big security entourage. They shook people's hands as they moved through the crowd and finally made it to the stage. It was AWESOME!!!!!! Of course, they then proceeded to play a fantastic show. The lead singer even played a song completely unplugged - he unplugged his guitar and didn't use the mic. Amazingly, the crowd even quieted down enough so that we could even hear it. Great show, great band - good times!


Molly said...

Ooh. I love Travis. That would have been wonderful.

Dana said...

That was an amazing show, I still daydream about it all the time!