Thursday, May 22, 2008


I need some help. Apparently over the last several years, my skin has become very sensitive. Every time I shave my legs, they itch incessantly! It drives me insane! I have determined that the itching occurs when the hair is growing back in, so it only lasts for a couple days every time I shave. But, when I shave at least twice a week, that means my legs are itching horribly more than 50% of the time. It's not really razor rash because it's not caused by the razor and there's no rash. I just itch. Like crazy. To the point that I often will scratch my skin raw leaving it painful and, at the worst, bleeding. I'm sorry if this isn't the blog post you were hoping for, but I'm at my wit's end. I have tried everything. Different razors, different shaving creams, shampoo instead of shaving cream, conditioner instead of shaving cream, exfoliating, lotion, etc. all to no avail. Currently I have three options. I don't shave, I deal with the itching or I wax. Waxing is fine and that's usually what I do during the summer. But, it's expensive and painful and I can't do it all the time. And it's not summer yet. Not shaving is not really an option, so currently I'm going with option 2, where I shave and deal with the itching. I can't take it anymore! Does anyone have any ideas, advice, suggestions, experience with this problem? I don't want to spend over 50% of my life scratching my legs! I need help!


Hilary said...

Actually, this WAS the post I was hoping for :)

No idea what the deal is. Maybe we should all pitch in and get you electrolysis.

Dana said...

Jenni, I have the same problem ask Aaron! I am always so itchy the day after I shave my legs and the following 2 days or so. I have come to a conclusion that helps me, maybe it will help you too. I feel weird telling you over a blog so call me or we'll chat next time we see each other. It is so crazy that you have the same problem. Aaron thinks I am insane because I will take my pants off at home and sit on the couch scratching my legs like crazy. We'll KIT

Kim said...

I've never tried the stuff but it has always intrigued me on the commercials--that Veet stuff that just dissolves your hair.

Kristina & Ivan said...

So I read your post on Friday, and after several days of deep thought and research, I have the following ideas.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Keep your legs moisturized all the time. Apply lotion twice a day. I'm convinced that lotion can cure the evils of the world. If everyone in the world used lotion, we might have already accomplished world peace.*

*The statement that lotion equals world peace is an obvious exaggeration.

2. Shave with the grain of your hair. I've heard this is better for your follicles.

3. Try an electric razor.

4. Use an epilator, like Braun Silk X'Elle Epilation Shaver. It's a bit of an investment, but it just may do the trick. And if you're still itchy, on the plus side you won't have to epilate (is that a word?) as often because these little machines apparently thin out your hair if you use them consistently. The Oprah Magazine featured one called No!No! in their May issue. (I have not idea what's up with that name.) I have been thinking about getting one ever since.

Good luck with all of this. You're the best!

Kristina & Ivan said...

Apparently, I am really into this hair removal thing. Doing some more research I have learned that epilators and No!No! are different. Epilators pull out the hair. No!No! burns the hair, which is painless. No!No! will thin out your hair, but is not necessarily an alternative to shaving. You may still need to shave, but there will be less to shave overall. Despite the $250 pricetag I am very interested in this. Try googling the name. Amazon had some helpful reviews.

Molly said...

I've had really itchy legs after shaving, but it usually only lasts a couple hours. Hmmmm. Have you tried using organic soaps? There's a chance a chemical in the soaps or shaving creams are getting in when you shave. Most soaps and shaving creams have a lot of the same ingredients. Try something totally natural.

kmb said...

My suggestion is that you stop shaving. Ok, I'm kidding, but how about not shaving as often? I shave once a week and never have any problems.

Jenni said...

Thank you all for your suggestions, advice, and comments! If I find something that works for me, I will let you all know.