Saturday, May 17, 2008

Item of the Week

This week's item of the week:

The Nintendo Wii is awesome! I know the Wii has been around for a little while, but I had never played one until last night. I am not a video game person, but I have to say, Nintendo is on to something. This is how video games should be played. Here's the story of how I discovered and fell in love with the Wii.

Jared has wanted a Wii for a long time. I didn't, because I'm not into video games. I knew the idea behind Nintendo's newest addition, but had never had an actual Wii experience. Well, if you read my update post, you know that I fell in love with Rock Band at first play. Jared recently got his government stimulus check and I will soon be getting mine (thanks George!), so I've been thinking a little about what to do with the money. When Jared told me that Rock Band would be coming out for the Wii in June, my thoughts turned to the stimulus check. I'm a practical person (thanks Dad) and a Wii is not practical. So I wouldn't normally consider getting one. But, I see the stimulus checks as a rare opportunity for me to be completely impractical and blow the money on something I absolutely don't need, but totally want - a Wii with Rock Band. Jared put up absolutely no fight and, in fact, immediately took over the purchasing process (and the purchasing is definitely the complicated part. Wiis do not stay in stock anywhere and it is terribly difficult to find one). After checking with Target and Game Stop everyday for a couple days with no luck, Jared decided to venture a search on Craigslist. An insanely fortuitous search on Craigslist yielded a posting for a brand new Wii in Sunnyvale for regular retail price. Jared sent them an email and I really thought it would already be spoken for. However, we got a call back saying it was available, so we went over last night and bought it. After a quick stop at Target for some extra controllers and Guitar Hero (the guitar works with Rock Band, so we'll have two guitars to play with. Besides, we needed something to keep us busy until the wonder of Rock Band is available in our home!), it was back home to set it all up.

That's when the fun began. We started off with Guitar Hero which I always love.

After playing Guitar Hero for a little while, we tried out some of the Wii Sports that came with the system. You hold the controllers in your hand and move them around to play. With golf, you hold the controller like a club and swing it to hit the ball. It's awesome! My favorite was Boxing. You hold two controllers and just punch away! It's like punchface, except it's virtual and you don't have to wait for their response. Not only that, but amazingly, it's a great workout and when you win you feel like Rocky!

And you can move your hands in front of your face or body to guard yourself and you can move around to dodge punches. It's totally awesome!

So, that is our journey to the love of a Wii. I can definitely handle these kinds of video games! If anybody needs to have some Wii fun with the Frisbys, let us know. You are welcome to come play with us!


Ashlee said...

Well, I already informed Jared that I will be making a little trip to California on June 22, since that's when Rockband is being released for the Wii. Haha! Just kidding. I won't bug you guys, but next time I'm in Cali, we are soooo gonna rock out!

Molly said...

Wii will come play with you guys as soon as wii have a free night. And wii are going to kick your butts!!! (Even though wii've never ever even played Wii.)

Dana said...

I wanna play I wanna play!