Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween. . .

. . . from Disney World!!!

Jared had to attend a conference for work in Orlando. We decided that since Apple was paying for his hotel and plane ticket, it wouldn't be too much for us to buy a plane ticket for me so I could accompany him. And what else would I do in Orlando while he was in the conference but check out Disney World.

And check out Disney World, I did! On the first day, I hit up Magic Kingdom. It was good times, but I had a lot more fun when Jared joined me after his conference was done for the day. We decided that Magic Kingdom is fun, but some of the rides are not as good as their counterparts in Disneyland.

Day two was Hollywood Studios. Jared finished with his conference a little earlier that day, so he was able to join me just after lunch. Unfortunately, the good weather we enjoyed the first day somehow disappeared overnight and all of a sudden it was freezing! I didn't even know Florida could get so cold! We still had a good time, though, and didn't let the cold stop us from enjoying some of our favorite rides.

The last day we went to Epcot. Jared only had a short session for his conference in the morning, so we headed over to the park later in the morning when he was done. We were both excited for Epcot since we didn't know quite what to expect there. It doesn't really have the same rides that Disneyland does, so it was totally new for both of us. And, we loved it! There are some awesome rides at Epcot which we rode numerous times. And the world showcase was a lot of fun. We walked around and checked out all of the "countries" there and for dinner we ate at the restaurant in the Moroccan section. Of course the cold weather continued. If you look closely in the picture, my collar is flipped up. Sometimes I do that for looks, but in this case it was completely functional. It was cold! Of course, we still had a blast!

We had such a good time in Disney World and were a little sad to come home, but we were excited for warmer weather and to see my parents who are home for over a week while they get ready to extend their mission.


Dalene said...

Too fun!

Hilary said...


I agree completely with the Magic Kingdom comments. Compared to everything, it's okay.

The last time I went, the Animal Kingdom was brand new, so that was fun. Also Downtown Disney was cool, did you go there?

I didn't know what to expect with Epcot either, but I thought it was amazing! We sampled foods from pretty much every country :)

Sharon said...

Maybe you should have bought a sweatshirt to keep you warm.

Andrea said...

That sounds like lots of fun!

sabin8tors said...

You went almost right after we went! Was it really crowded there? Cause Disneyland TOTALLY was during the Halloween season and the whole state of Utah having fall break at that time!

The lines were PYSCHO!
Were they there?

melissa ( : said...

Love those fun trips!! You guys are so cute together!