Monday, January 26, 2009

Apple continues to kick BUTT!

I know I'm stating the obvious, but Apple is amazing. Let me tell you my newest discovery. I know it's been around a few months, so some of you may already have been experiencing the joy that has filled my life today. But for me, this is a new discovery and I find it so exciting, that I must share. Last September, Apple added a fantastic new feature to iTunes called Genius. I have known about Genius and played around with it a little since the update, but today I discovered what the true genius of Genius really is. The Genius feature of iTunes sends info regarding your entire iTunes library to Apple, which then compares it with all of the information it has in the iTunes store regarding song ratings, similar songs, etc, etc, etc. Then, based on all of this wonderful information, Genius gives you recommendations for other music based on what's in your library and what other people have said about the music. Cool, right? Just wait - here comes the best part. Say you like a particular song in your library and you want to make a playlist that includes songs similar to it. Here comes Genius to make your life better. You select the song you like, hit the genius button, and Voila! you have a playlist of similar songs all ready to go. You can then save that playlist and transfer it to your iPod if you like. It's amazing!!!!! I would say that Genius is the best thing since sliced bread, but it's not. It's the best thing since fire! I chose the song Dancing Queen and with the click of a button, I have a playlist that includes ABBA, Pat Benatar, Wham, Queen, Michael Jackson, and many others. My life is changed for the better!


Molly said...

I love genius, but a lot of the songs on my list aren't "synched" with genius yet. Or ever? But yes, it does make some lovely playlists. That's why I got the newest nano instead of a cheaper old one.

cara said...

Seriously, Jenni, the genius of Genius is its ability to make you purchase more itunes songs. You know I love Apple, but the bottom line will always be the bottom line.

mommafriz said...

I discovered this little gem last weekend. And my awesome iTouch has a genius button that will make a playlist right inside my iPod. Awesome.