Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mr. Frisby

This is my lovely Mr. Frisby. I was at the gym yesterday and saw something that made me appreciate Mr. Frisby even more than I already do. The Maury Povich show was on the big TV at the gym. I don't usually watch it because it's dumb and the sound isn't on anyway and the closed captioning gets cut off because of the format it's in. But, occasionally I will look up from my weights and get an idea of what they're talking about. It almost always has men who are cheating on their wife/girlfriend, men who beat their wife/girlfriend, girls getting into trouble, etc., etc., etc. Like I said, I don't really watch it, I can just tell what's going on. So, yesterday's show had men who beat their wife/girlfriend. When I glanced up at the screen, there was some big, muscular dude yelling at the other dudes about how they shouldn't beat their wives/girlfriends and trying to intimidate them into not doing it. This made me reflect on Mr. Frisby and gave me two more reasons why I love him. Number one, he doesn't beat me and he never would (because he is afraid of my big guns). Number two, if he did beat me, or if we had some other trouble in our marriage, he would not turn to Maury Povich as the solution. He is a smart man. I love you, honey!


Dalene said...

I am so grateful for the Mr. Frisbys of the world!

Jared said...

I love you, too! And you are correct on both counts. Michael Scott's relationship advice is way better than Maurey Povich's.

Hilary said...

So, my Mr. Frisby used to watch Maury every day when he came home for lunch. I'd say 99% of the episodes end in a paternity test, and he wouldn't go back to work until he heard the results.

I miss the days when guests would come on who had survived shark attacks and showed the teeth lodged in their legs.

Now it's all about who fathered this woman's children. Lame.

Sharon said...

Way to go Jared, for beating out any guest on Maury Povich's show.

Reldon said...

Ahh...The age old question: Maurey Povich or Jerry Springer? It's a tough call, but not unlike the Letterman/Leno choice we all had to make at some point. I, for one, am a fan of the classics, which is why both Letterman and Springer get my vote. Until Povich can man up and take a few flying guest-chairs to the face he'll forever live in the shadow of the Great Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer aka King of Day Time TV Drama. I mean, seriously, he's the only guy to ever give...OPRAH!...a run for her money in the ratings (albeit circa 1998).

So while we'll all credit Mr. Frisby with good sense and wisdom for avoiding public humiliation in front of the half dozen people that do tune in to Povich, lets just not rule out the real possibility of a cameo by said Mr. on a real Classic, like the Springer show.

But, getting relationship advice from Michael Scott is probably a much more Gen X way to go, and I applaud Mr Frisby's progressive ways. In case you're looking for a few of those kinds of pearls, I'll include one here:
Michael Scott: "Society teaches us that, having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. Well, that's baloney, because grief isn't wrong. There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown."