Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Party Fun and the Fruits of my Labors

I'm a little behind on my posting. I've been at girls' camp for the last week (which post is forthcoming) and just got back yesterday, so now I will try to catch up on what's been going on.

I will take any excuse to throw a party. And I figured that turning 30 was a more than adequate excuse. So, we decided to have some birthday party fun on my birthday weekend. I figured a theme party would be fun and, as a nod to my early days, I settled on an 80's party. We got some decorations in great 80's colors (teal, magenta, and gray), we had some good 80's food (Doritos, Capri Sun, Pop Rocks, Chicken Nuggets), and we had 80's music playing in the background. A birthday party is not complete without party games, so we had an 80's trivia game, a name that 80's TV show theme music game, pin the glove on Michael (may his soul rest in peace), and a thriller dance contest. The prizes were classic 80's movies. We had a great time and loved to see everyone dressed up in their 80's best. Here are a few pictures:

Mr. Frisby and I, ready to get down!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Pin the glove on Michael

Dancing along to the Thriller video

In other news, I'm starting to enjoy the fruits of my gardening labors. As you can see from this picture, my garden is growing (for a comparison, see this post):

My cucumber plants are getting big and I've noticed a few flowers on them. Tomatoes are coming and even starting to get ripe. My one surviving pepper plant is growing.

And my pea plants are growing peas! When I left for camp, I had two sugar snap peas getting ripe on the vine. When I came home, I saw there was one more. I picked the two peas that were ripe and Mr. Frisby and I partook last night. They were divine!

Hooray for home-grown veggies!


Dalene said...

I am SO sad we couldn't be there for your 80's party... too fun!

Molly said...

Nice veggies! I'm still kicking myself for blanking the night of your party. I'm not a flake! :( We should have been there. Grrrr.

Andrea said...

What a great birthday party idea. I may have to steal it in February.

Great job on the garden. Our peas have gone crazy (in a good, growing way). The kids love them. Next year I'll plant a lot more to keep us all happy.

Hilary said...

you should tell those party poopers in the background (ahem crossed arms during Thriller) that they aren't invited next year.