Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Holidays Drag On

Okay, the holidays didn't really drag on - they were, as always, far too short! But, my posting about them is dragging on, so it's time to crank another one out. On New Year's Eve, we decided to go whale watching for the day. I've never been whale watching, so I was a little nervous that maybe I would get seasick. But, I didn't get seasick at all and we had a great time. We went out of Moss Landing and saw lots of Sea Lions and Sea Otters on the way out to the open ocean. The Gray Whales have just started their migration to Mexico, so there weren't many, but we did find a few of them traveling in a group, so we followed them for awhile and it was pretty cool. Below, the picture documentation:

My dad, ready for the adventure

The whales are usually 8-10 miles out and it takes over an hour to get out that far. My nephew, Gary, makes good use of the time

One of the first things we saw of the whales was their blowing and we were so excited!

Next was their tales. Our boat-man (and by boat-man I mean captain) said they only flip their tales out right before they dive down.

Other happy whale-watchers

Mr. Frisby with three of my sister's kids, Maddie, Sam, and Cara

Sea Lions, just chillin' on the buoy

Sea Otter - So cute!

And, a Pelican in a Pear Tree! Just kidding

Yay for Marine Wildlife! After whale-watching we headed to my sister's house to ring in the New Year!


Andrea said...

Very cool. We just avoided outside because it was cold and there was snow.

Ella said...

Ok. Now I am officially SICK with jealousy.