Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Into the Snow

This weekend, we got away. It was fabulous. We went somewhere east of Fresno, I think, with several of our friends. One of our friend's family has a cabin there. So, we packed up our snowshoes and headed out for some cabiny fun. We were undaunted by the winter storm warning issued for the area, warning of 1-3 feet of snow accumulating overnight. We figured we could get in before it got bad and then, if we ended up being snowed in, oh well. We took Maggie because she's always up for adventure and usually handles all situations like a champ. This weekend was no exception.

We met up with the storm somewhere outside of Gilroy and from there on out, it was a faithful travel companion. The pouring rain did not leave us - not for one second - until we reached our destination. Shortly after we got to the cabin on Friday night, the rain turned into snow. It snowed and snowed and snowed. All that night and all the next day. It was fantastic! After watching Remember the Titans on VHS (it's a cabin, after all) on Saturday morning, we donned our snow gear and headed out to see just how much snow had fallen and to see what fun we could have in it.

That's me standing next to Maggie. As you can see, the snow did, indeed, accumulate and tons had fallen overnight. It was very exciting as it was Maggie's first real snowstorm. After clearing off the satellite dish (we did have Olympics to watch later) and checking out all of the snow, we headed out for some adventures. We went sledding. It was great, but I didn't get any pictures because our camera battery died. Then, after lunch and the Olympics we went snowshoeing.

Strapping on the snowshoes

By the time we went out in the afternoon, the snow had stopped and everything looked very wintery all covered in snow. It was beautiful.

Snowshoeing often sparks deep conversation

Mr. Frisby and I and a beautiful snowscape

While out snowshoeing, we had to stop to make snowangels and a snowman.

We had a wonderful time at the cabin, but on Sunday morning it was time to get ready to go. Although the snow had stopped, there was some digging that had to be done to get the cars out. And, while the roads were mostly clear, there were some icy spots getting out. It was a bit tricky in some places but, as always, Maggie handled it like a champ and we didn't even need to put chains on her. After leaving the cabin, we headed to my friend's parents' house in Fresno to have lunch and watch the USA/Canada Gold Medal hockey game before heading back to the bay area. My friend's parents live on what I call a "mini-farm". It's not like a real farm that's huge and has lots of animals and crops. But their place is fairly large and they have some animals. So, it was off to the mini-farm. And, as we learned on the way, the mini-farm sheep had just had babies, so we were excited to meet the little lambs!

Some of the mini-farm animals: Chickens, a cow, and a sheep

In order for us to meet the little lambs, my friend's mom went out (still in her church clothes, mind you) to round them up. It wasn't easy, so she needed Sara's help in herding them.

Probably my favorite pic of the trip

Look how cute the little lambs are!

Remember the time Sara's mom went out in the muddy field in her church clothes and rounded up two little lambs so we could hold them? I do. It was awesome!

Yay for the cute little lambs! They were absolutely terrified of us, but still so cute.

After the sheep encounter, we ate lunch, watched the nail-biter hockey game, and then headed home. It was a wonderful weekend. Thanks friends!


Molly said...

So fun!! Beautiful!

Andrea said...

Is Jared anxious about holding the lamb, or it just the sun in his face that's making that expression?

Dalene said...

How fun! The snow looks like you're at MY house!

The Gilberts said...

What a treat! Everyone out east is hating the snow, but we californians go in search of it-- i love it.

mommafriz said...

Your winter wonderland looks like my backyard....come on home and enjoy! We could go on another sleigh ride

Kevin and Kristina said...

Looked like such a fun weekend. All the snow reminded me of our snow trip last Feb with the YW. Miss you!