Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spain, Part 7 - Exploring Barcelona

On Sunday, we explored Barcelona. We started in the Placa Espanya after going to church in the morning. From the Placa, we walked to the Palau Nacional.

That's me with the Palau Nacional in the background

After climbing the many steps to the Palau, we had a great view of Barcelona. Unfortunately it was a little hazy, so the visibility was not the best.

Barcelona! Those old royals sure liked a view.

After enjoying the view, we walked behind the Palau to the Estadi Olimpic. You might recognize it if you watched the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. As an avid fan of the Olympic Games, I was excited to see Barcelona's Olympic Stadium and I was thrilled when we saw that we could actually go inside!

Mr. Frisby and I with the Estadi Olimpic in the background

Mr. Frisby inside the Olympic Stadium

After checking out the Estadi Olympic, we meandered through some gardens and made our way back to the hotel so we could change our clothes before continuing our exploration of Barcelona. After getting out of our church clothes, we did a walking tour through the old part of Barcelona. We loved checking out all of the old churches, tiny streets, and hidden squares in the old European neighborhoods. Some pictures from the walk:

Of course, we had to visit Barcelona's cathedral (which happened to be under renovation. This seemed to be the case with many things we tried to see in Barcelona). And, we got to see the geese in the cloister inside.

Near the cathedral is one of the ancient Roman gates into the city.

That evening, we decided to go for a walk along the waterfront. This picture was taken with the self-timer on our camera and was carefully timed to go off in between the hordes of people walking along the marina. We think it turned out pretty well.

We made our way to the beach and decided to dip our feet into the Mediterranean Sea. It was freezing, though, so that didn't last long.

Getting my feet wet. Brrrr!

Mr. Frisby collected sea glass for my sea glass jar.

We packed in a lot because we wanted to see it all before it was time to go home. And, in theory, we would be going home shortly. We had no idea what was in store...


Andrea said...

Looks amazing!

Sharon said...

Glad for the pics of the sea. No one is out. Let's me know that it's not a tropical place. I won't go there for the warm water. But everything else looks awesome.

Miranda S. Murdock said...

YAY I am glad you guys got to see a good old European cathedral. None of this made in the 90's like the Madrid Cathedral. I hope Jared liked it.