Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Great Adventure, Part 3

So many pics to post, so little time. Mr. Frisby and I have been busy. House-hunting is now consuming our lives, but more on that later. I've got to finish posting about our vacation, so on with part 3.

When we returned from Yellowstone, I decided to grab my stuff and take a shower in my parents' much nicer plex. When I returned to the condo from my shower, I was informed that they had all seen the mouse because it brazenly ran out from hiding to try to snatch the granola bar while all the lights were on, the tv was on, and everyone was running about getting ready for bed. A plan was quickly hatched by Mr. Frisby and my brother-in-law to try to catch it. The plan was to set up the granola bar in a plastic grocery bag with a rope strung through the handles. They then looped the rope around one of the rafters. So, the plan was when the mouse went in the bag and started eating the granola bar, they would pull the rope which would lift up the bag quickly, trapping the mouse inside. Here are pictures of the set-up:

The trap

Mr. Frisby and my brother-in-law looking down at the set-up

Mr. Frisby ready to spring the trap

Here's where the plan gets good. After catching the mouse in the bag, Mr. Frisby's plan was to grab the bag and smash it against the wall to stun the mouse. And here, we ran into some debate about what to do with the mouse next. After several ideas were tossed out, my niece (who is 27) said the most humane way to kill the mouse would be to snap its neck. This she volunteered to do after Mr. Frisby smashed it into the wall to stun it. I really was excited to see all of this go down and to see if it would all go down as planned. With the trap set up and the plan ready, we all went to bed. Mr. Frisby and my brother-in-law stayed up for awhile waiting for the mouse. When it didn't come, they also went to bed, ready to jump at the first sound. And then what happened? Mr. Frisby fell asleep. Fast asleep. When the mouse came and started eating the granola bar, he didn't hear it. There was nobody to spring the trap and the mouse went free again. I was disappointed as I really wanted to see if the plan would have worked. Oh well. It was not to be. After more complaining to the office, they finally came up with a plex they could move us to for that night. So, we cleared out the condo and headed to Yellowstone for the day.

The big plan in Yellowstone was to see Old Faithful. But, we definitely made some stops along the way. We drove the Firehole Canyon Drive along the Firehole River. It was beautiful!

Next we stopped at Grand Prismatic Spring. Unfortunately it was difficult to see because there was so much steam. I decided the best view would be an aerial one, but that certainly wasn't happening. So, on we went.

Old Faithful was next. We were lucky enough to get there only about 10 minutes before it went off, so we didn't have to wait long. We all gathered to eat lunch and watch the geyser and it did not disappoint!

After watching Old Faithful, we poked around a bit in the Old Faithful Inn and checked out some gift shops and then headed back to the resort to hang out together as a family. On our way out of the park, we stopped to check out a huge herd of Bison that had some very cute little babies.

When we got back to the resort, we moved into our plex and admired the beautiful towel art they left us:

That night, we ate dinner and played all manner of games together. We had lots of fun hanging out and enjoyed spending time together since some of our company would be heading home the next day.

Next up will be our final day of adventures.


Molly said...

It all looks so fun! Makes me want to go to the mountains and go hiking. Instead I will continue to sit on my couch and do nothing. Ha.

PS--I'm glad the little mouse got away with its life. :)

Dalene said...

SO fun to be with your family and in such a beautiful part of the country. It is a little trippy to see how old some of your nephews and nieces are. Weren't they, like, just born? I can't wait to see you in a few weeks (and to hear about the house hunting)!

Gordita said...

I'm disappointed that you guys didn't catch the mouse. I thought your plan was well thought out.