Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Have We Been Up To?

First of all, can you hear the angels singing Hallelujah on account of our finally getting the internet? We are back on the line and it's glorious! So, we've been busy for the last few weeks and our lives have changed quite a bit. Let me catch you up. Back at the beginning of August, we headed down to Southern California. I went for a conference - nothing exciting there. But, after the conference, Mr. Frisby drove down and we met up with some of my family to hang out for a few days in Newport Beach. We went to the mission in San Juan Capistrano and it was lovely.

After a relaxing few days in Newport, we picked up Scout and were immediately in love. We headed home with our new puppy and the relaxation came to an abrupt halt. We closed on our house the day we drove back from So Cal, so we stopped on the way home to pick up our keys. Then, we began working on the house to get it ready for our move a few days later. The next few weeks were filled with various activities:

Scraping off a popcorn ceiling. Our next project will be putting something else on the ceiling that is not popcorn-like in any way, shape or form:

Shocking, cleaning, and loading up our new pool with chemicals to make it swim ready. Scout likes to help:

Potty training this little puppy and then nursing her back to health after she came down with Bronchitis and an Ear Infection:

Sanding and painting our kitchen cabinets. Then repainting them when I didn't like my first color choices. This is their mostly finished state. I just have to finish a few more cabinet doors.

Unpacking, cleaning, organizing, settling, and otherwise trying to make our new house a home:

We have been super busy and it's been lots of work. But, we are loving being homeowners. One of my favorite things about the new house is not having to share these bad boys with anyone:

I'll post more pictures when we get all unpacked and settled in. Of course, you're always welcome to come for a visit to see it in person!


a.b.c said...

wow, you guys are already seasoned in home improvement. I am impressed!

Gordita said...

Congratulations again on the house and the dog. So exciting that you have your own place, and your OWN washer and dryer. Heaven!

mommafriz said...

Cute little Scout looks as though she knows what she is doing...cleaning the pool

Andrea said...

Very excited for more pictures. I can't tell what color you painted your cabinets. Are they orange?

cara said...

I can't wait for the pictures when your house is all painted and finished!! Miss you guys!

The Mostess said...

This totally reminds me of when we bought our house 6 years ago. We were SO excited for the dishwasher and washer/dryer combo. We just updated our closet doors, and I'm in house heaven. Let me know if you ever need suggestions on landscape designers, closet door people, etc. We learned who was good the hard way!

Tummy scratches to Scout. :)