Friday, September 3, 2010

A Trade

I am usually accustomed to paying for any services rendered to me. On occasion, however, I have had the opportunity to make a little trade instead of paying cash. A good friend of mine cuts my hair and usually I pay her. We have done a trade before, though, which worked out well. When I went to get my hair cut by her this morning, I was not expecting to make a trade. But, a trade was made. See, she cut my hair and I gave her a small piece of my ear. It's a good thing she gave me an awesome haircut, because it was one of my more awesome chunks of ear that I gave her. Anyway, no injury post would be complete without pictures, so if you're squeamish, you better stop here.

And, please note that these photos do not do it justice. Basically all you can see is that there's a red spot on my ear (the red spot being fresh blood - yep it was still bleeding 8 hours later). What it doesn't show was the little piece of my ear that my friend found on her scissors. Or the constant blood flow for over half an hour while she finished the cut. Or the band-aid that was completely soaked by the end of the haircut. Or the light-headedness and near fainting by both my haircutting friend and myself. Or the new shape of my ear sans small chunk. Or the second round of light-headedness that came when I changed the band-aid later (which is the reason the pictures aren't so great. Someone who feels like fainting doesn't make a good photography subject).

And, no, I'm not writing this post to make my friend feel bad. She already feels bad. She told me that (though, she will probably read this post and subsequently feel worse). It was actually her suggestion that I blog about it. It was an accident and I'm not angry. And, she brought me Kit Kats and didn't charge me for my haircut. It's all good. But, every good story deserves a blog post, right? So, I got my hair cut today and I lost a little piece of ear in the process. I hope this blog post does the story justice. Here are the pics. Next time you see me, just look for my scar. It'll be on my right ear in the back.


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Ian, Jessica, Halle and now Camdyn! said...

Yep, definitely made me feel even worse :) Hopefully this is one of those things we'll laugh about! Well, now you'll have a cool ear scar forever, you are awesome! Thanks for not killing me, you're the woman!