Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I LOVE Disneyland. And, when it comes to Disneyland, I have two dreams that I must fulfill before I die.

1. Visit Disneyland at Christmas time.

The Halloween decorations are pretty awesome, so I can't even imagine how spectacular Disneyland would be at Christmas. In my Disney Christmas dream, I will go in the middle of December when kids are still in school, so the crowds aren't bad, but the park is all decked out in full Christmas glory. The other day I saw an ad for Disneyland, promoting the Disney Christmas time fun. For a split second, I thought about finding flights and getting tickets. Then I remembered that we just bought a house and property taxes are due and we just had to have the termite guy come and we just had to replace the furnace (that I have yet to post about). So, this will not be the year for Disneyland Christmas. But, it will happen some day.

2. Go to Disneyland and stay in the Disneyland Hotel.

This could happen in conjunction with dream number one. Or they could be separate visits. Either way, it's gonna happen. The thought of leaving the hotel, getting on the monorail, and being in the park in a matter of minutes is SOO appealing. The Disneyland Hotel is expensive, though, so because of the reasons stated above, this dream will also not be fulfilled in the near future. But, these have been dreams of mine for quite some time now, so I can handle waiting a little longer. And when these dreams are fulfilled, I expect it to be glorious!


Andrea said...

Sounds like a great dream. Hope it comes true soon!

Amy and Arthur said...

We were able to go to Disneyland during Christmas time right before all the kids got out of school so it was super chill there. It was beautiful and I definitely recommend it to you!!! Disneyland! Disneyland!

cara said...

I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!! I can never get enough of it!

Tammy said...

The week before Christmas is the slowest time, the week after the busiest. The year we went the week before was one of our best trips to Disneyland, especially since they had just started the snow on main street that year. Definite MUST! Great dream!!

MomandDad said...

Dreams are great and when they come true even if it's a long wait it's a wonderful thing. Sounds like a wonderful dream to me.