Thursday, May 26, 2011

San Diego

As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. Frisby and I went down to SD last weekend. It was a good little trip and we had lots of fun. Here's a rundown of our adventures. We drove down on Thursday. It took most of the day and included a number of pee stops because I do a lot of that these days. Awesome. We stayed with my good friend Amy who, conveniently, lives about 10 or 15 minutes away from everything there is to do in SD. On Friday, we started the day off by going to the San Diego Temple. It was lovely. The sister missionaries there were very nice and looked like they needed something to do, so we asked them to take a picture for us.

After taking our picture, the sisters suggested we visit the Mormon Battalion Visitors' Center. We told them that was already our plan, so they were kind enough to give us directions. The Visitors' Center was cool. We had a tour, Mr. Frisby panned for gold, and we got to take this sweet souvenir photo:

And the best part was that it was all free. Mormons are awesome! After we finished at the Visitors' Center, we walked down to Old Town San Diego to check it out. No pictures as neither of us was in a very photographic mood, but it was pretty cool. After we finished in Old Town, we picked Amy up and met up with the Fosters for dinner on Coronado Island. It was good times. It was fun to see the Fosters and meet their son and we had a good time checking out the Hotel Del Coronado. Here we are outside the Hotel:

Saturday, we spent the day at the zoo. The San Diego zoo is huge and awesome. But it was a lot of walking. We saw the awesome meerkats, among other things. And Amy coerced me into climbing into this little photo set-up to take a picture with this mean-looking seal. Incidentally, we saw no live seals during our whole day at the zoo. But, it was good times.

After our trip to the zoo, we were pretty beat down from all of the walking in the hot sunshine. Plus, Mr. Frisby and I had to get up very early the next day for his graduation ceremony. So, that night we just grabbed some dinner, followed it up with Yogurtland, and then relaxed at Amy's house. Sunday, of course, was graduation day which I talked about in my last post. After the graduation ceremony and a reception at one of his professors' houses, we hit the road to come home. Again, it was a long drive with many pee stops. But, we made it back safe and sound, had a lovely little trip, and were greeted by a very happy and excited puppy when we got back. Good times!


Jespersen said...

I was just at the San Diego Temple a couple weeks ago for my brother's wedding. It is a beautiful place!

Andrea said...

Very cool.

When we went to the SD zoo we did the bus tour and the tram ride, so our walking was limited (although we did do some). But, we missed the photo setup by the seal. That would have been fun. ;)

hapi said...

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