Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Uninvited Guest

Mr. Frisby and I are pretty open when it comes to letting people use our pool. It cost a pretty penny and it continues to cost both time and money to maintain it. So, we like it to be well-used and worth the efforts. Usually if people want to use the pool, we don't hesitate to say yes. But, a few nights ago I went outside to find an uninvited and unwelcome guest swimming around in our pool.

I don't know how this guy got in, but obviously, he needed to be shown the door right away. Mr. Frisby and I were actually both impressed that I didn't scream or otherwise make a big deal (not that I'm terribly afraid of frogs or anything, but seeing one swimming around unexpected in the pool gave me quite a start). I calmly called for Mr. Frisby to come outside. When he came, I informed him there was a frog in the pool and he needed to take care of it (there is an unspoken agreement that when it comes to creatures in the pool, I will not be handling them). I was then impressed as Mr. Frisby walked over to where the frog was swimming near the edge and with one lightning fast grab, snatched him out of the pool. (That's Mr. Frisby's hand holding him in the picture). He then showed him the gate and released him into the front yard where I imagine he was soon hunted down by some neighborhood cat.

As you can see from the picture, the frog was actually quite large. Both Mr. Frisby and I wonder if it was somebody's pet. However, I'm not about to store someone's lost frog in my house and I'm not about to let it cruise around my pool. Sorry Frogger. You were uninvited and unwelcome. Time to go!


LJ, DC and ML said...

That is a big cute frog! Way to go Mr. Frisby!

Dana said...

He is cute. He could of been baby Frisby's friend :)

Kim said...

I believe that's a Western Toad. I say that purely based on the fact that it looks identical to the ones we raised a couple of years ago. No matter what he is, it sure looks like he hasn't endured a lack of food.

Andrea said...

I'm impressed that you were so calm. I've never had to deal with a frog or toad, but I probably wouldn't deal well.