Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter, everyone! As I mentioned before, we took lots of pictures on Easter. It was Stella's first Easter. What choice did we have? We started the morning off by going to my new nephew's baby blessing. I didn't take any pictures of baby Hank because I didn't know they were taking them right after Sacrament Meeting. But, he was super cute and the blessing was beautiful. After the blessing, we headed back to my sister's house to hide eggs and get the food ready while the kids were still at church.

Since we were in a rush that morning to get to the baby blessing, we decided to wait until after church to have Stella check out her Easter basket. I think she liked it.

After she checked out her Easter basket, we went outside to take some pictures.

I had envisioned some beautiful pictures of Stella sitting on the bright green grass in her cute Easter attire. The pictures would have evoked feelings of happiness in the lovely spring weather. Then we set Stella down on the grass and she started screaming. This is when we learned that she is terrified of the grass and does not trust it one bit. Cute grassy pics were out and we moved on to Plan B.

We just held her for pictures.

Obviously she's still cute, but the grass would've contrasted with her dress nicely. She did enjoy checking out the springtime blossoms on the tree, so I decided that would make cute enough Easter pics.

When everyone else got home from church, it was time for the Easter egg hunt.  We didn't get many pictures because I was helping Stella get her eggs and Mr. Frisby was doing something inside for most of the hunt.  But, he came out with the camera just in time to catch Stella striking it rich by finding the 10 dollar egg.

Her daddy had to help her get the egg out of the tall tree, but she knew that money was hers! After that, we ate and relaxed for the rest of the day and enjoyed lots of time with family.

Happy Easter from the Frisbys!


mommafriz said...

How does she feel about grass now? Will she sit on her blanket on the grass? Ash would stay on the blanket, & never move, I had to put AJ in shorts, & take off his sandals or he was off the blanket & out of there....BUT if he had to touch the grass...

mommafriz said...

She is so cute. love her!!!

Sharon said...

When I need a good laugh, I watch the video of hr freaking out about the grass on my phone.

Andrea said...

What a cutie!

Melissa said...

If she thinks grass is scary, wait until she meets sand. Sand can be crippling!!! Adorable, as always.