Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stella's New Do

Stella got a haircut on Saturday. I figured it was about time since I couldn't even feed her without pulling her hair back first since it was so in the way. I was getting my hair done and figured it would be a great time to get hers done, too. Here are a couple pictures of her right at the beginning. You can see how long and out of control her hair was.

Overall, she was a champ. I held her so she wouldn't freak out and she was distracted by my picture and video taking. She squirmed a bit and was pretty curious about what was going on, but all in all, it was a raving success.

And, here she is after it was over.

I didn't realize it would make as big of a difference as it did, but it was a pretty awesome change. She's cuter than ever and no longer has hair constantly in her eyes.


Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and Quinn! said...

YAY! I'm so honored my work got a whole blog dedication ;) Stella was a champ! She is such a cutie! Glad the cut is working out and making such a difference!

Andrea said...


Sharon said...

Good for Stella. Now when she wakes up, she can see the world with an unobstructed view.