Wednesday, June 26, 2013

21 Months

I'm still behind on my blogging. I had hoped to do another post or two about other happenings in our lives before this one, but I've been lazy with uploading pictures to the computer and, therefore, I haven't done any posts. Well, I finally sat down and uploaded pics, so now I can get caught up. I figure I better do Stella's post now, though, before it becomes obsolete. So, here we go. Stella is 21 months old.

I feel like every day she becomes less and less a baby/toddler and more and more a little girl. And it's sad. But also exciting. Her personality is coming out more and more and she keeps us laughing everyday. She finished up her gym class and had so much fun that I've signed her up for another class in the fall. A post about her final class(es) is forthcoming.

Her vocabulary has increased exponentially. I can't even keep track of all the words she knows now. She's even begun stringing words together and has a few two-word phrases. "Hold it" when she wants to hold something, "want it" if she sees something she wants, "hold you" if she wants you to hold her, "hi daddy", "hi mommy" (self-explanatory). One time she even busted out a three-word phrase and said "hold the ball". Most of the time she just names the objects she sees or tells you with one word what she wants. And she picks up new words super fast. I tell her what something is once and she pretty much has it down. This month she has got "thank you" down. She signs it if she's feeling shy and she says it if she's not. I'm not sure she always understands what it means, but she seems to get it a lot of the time, so we're happy with that.

She's into flowers and we've taught her about smelling flowers. She thinks that's pretty fun.

Nursery is going well. I go with her and she has a fantastic time. I'm going to start sneaking out toward the end and see how she does with that.

She's getting better with recognizing different animals and making their sounds. She seems most interested in monkeys right now. We were in San Diego last weekend (another forthcoming post) and took her to the zoo while there. She LOVED it. She's also become aware of tails recently and finds them very interesting. Scout hates it. Speaking of Scout, Stella has started to catch on to some of her commands and tricks. She often repeats when I tell Scout to "stay" and I've even seen her a few times trying to get Scout to "beg". It's very cute.

She continues to enjoy garden night, although a couple of weeks ago she got stung by a wasp there. I felt really bad for her. She got stung on her hand and it got all swollen and red. Initially, she screamed and cried for a few minutes, but after that she ran around like nothing had happened. She's a trooper and really doesn't seem to let things bother her much.

We've been hitting up Gilroy Gardens and Stella continues to love it. We got to take Mr. Frisby again a couple of weeks ago and she had lots of fun riding rides with Daddy. I think the "sel" (carousel) has become her favorite. She gets very excited when she sees it and yells, "sel, sel, sel".

She continues her infatuation with shoes. She loves to put on any pair of shoes she sees laying around. She particularly liked the pair of shoes I bought for my birthday and insisted on helping me break them in.

She also started swimming lessons a couple weeks ago. They're taught by her cousin and they're mommy and me classes, so I hop in with her. We do it the pool in our backyard, so it's super convenient. And she's finally figuring out what the swimming pool is for. She doesn't remember going in it last year. She really seems to like it (except the part when she has to go all the way under) and it's been fun to see her progress and learn new things. Also, maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's really nothing cuter than a chubby little toddler girl in a swimsuit. The swimming lessons are a success!

She's also figuring out the whole tantrum business and it's pretty awesome. I mean, her tantrums are so hysterical that I can't help but laugh through them. She had a pretty awesome one at Gilroy Gardens where she would side-stomp one foot and then drag the other one to meet it and did that around in a circle. Screaming the whole time of course. Lately, she'll get upset and carefully, but purposefully lay down on the ground and just lay there or roll side to side a little and just scream. I just let her do her thing and after a few seconds, she's done with it. It's really quite entertaining and I'm excited to see what new antics she'll come up with.

Stella is really into buckles now. She insists on doing the top buckle in her car seat when we put her in. She won't let us help and gets upset if our hands are anywhere on the car seat at all. It's maddening when we're in a hurry. She also likes to do the buckle in her high chair and the buckle on the grocery cart and the buckle in her stroller. If there's a buckle, she wants to do it. And she's getting pretty good at it.

She's actually trying to be very independent. She tries to put on her shoes and socks. She tries to feed herself everything we give her. She can open the doors and get into everything. It definitely keeps me on my toes.

She continues to be a big tease and seems to just enjoy life. She's pretty easy going and loves to explore. She's still very much a mama's girl and we're excited for the end of that phase which has seemed to go on forever. We love her to pieces.

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Who can help but love little Stella. Such a doll and so entertaining. Love your blog.