Sunday, June 30, 2013

Show Off

The second to last week of Stella's gym class was show week. All the kids could invite anyone they wanted to come watch their class and they got to show off all the skills they learned. And they would all get little awards at the end. Mr. Frisby was able to come watch and so were Grandma and Grandpa Jespersen. At first, Stella seemed excited, but confused at them being there. Pretty soon, though, when she realized they were there to watch her, she got really into it and became quite the show off. Since Mr. Frisby was there, he was able to take loads of pictures of her doing her skills.

This is me with a super awesome and very flattering look on my face. In my defense, I was a little nervous because Stella was insisting on doing the balance beam by herself, without me even touching her. Up until that point, she wouldn't do the balance beam without me holding on tightly.

Swinging, as she so loves to do there.

"Walking" along the bars.

Swinging on the rings. This she could've done all day. She would climb up on the little box, grab the rings as they swung back toward her and then step off the box swinging through. It was pretty awesome and she was definitely showing off for Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa with this trick. We had a hard time persuading her to go do something else so other kids could have a turn.

This is Stella's teacher helping her with flipping over the bar. She was awesome and, of course, got to swing at the end.

After showing off her skills, it was time for awards. Stella went first. Here she is getting her medal.

And here is me, her teacher, and her showing off her medal. She was super proud.

Stella got bored while the other kids were getting their awards, so she headed back to the rings for more swinging fun. And also checked out her medal more closely.

I would post some video, but Blogger is lame and has a hard time uploading them, so it's not happening. Maybe one of these days I'll get a YouTube account so I can post them on there and then link to it. But, not today. You'll just have to settle for pictures.

The following week was Stella's last gym class. It was just a fun day and they got to play around on the equipment for a little bit and then the teacher blew up the bounce house for them to play in.

It wouldn't be a day at The Little Gym if Stella wasn't swinging!

Playing in the bounce house. She was very unsure about the bounce house until she discovered the slide. Then she was all over it.

Going down the bounce house slide.

Stella seemed to really enjoy her gym class and I think it was really good for her to have some structure and routine. We're excited to start again in the fall!


Dalene said...

Super, duper cuteness!!!

Andrea said...

I haven't looked at blogs in ages, but I'm glad I did today. This is the cutest post!