Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pre-Cruise Adventures

Before we left for our cruise, we had a couple of fun adventures for Stella. The Saturday before we left, I decided to squeeze in a quick visit to Gilroy Gardens. They were having a petting zoo for the month of September and I knew Stella would totally LOVE it, so I wanted to get her over there before we left. It cost a little extra to get into the petting zoo, but it was well worth it because the girl was in absolute heaven. She tried to pick up and hug every animal she encountered.

This last picture is my favorite from the day. Stella and a rooster having a staredown. Stella won.

Our next adventure was Stella's first Giants' game. Awhile ago, I did this post about Mr. Frisby's awesome work party at AT&T Park. At the work party they gave us free tickets for the Giants' game on September 10th. Since Stella was still young enough to get into the games free, we decided to bring her along. We took the train up to the city, so right off the bat Stella was having a good time. It was an evening game, and ended up being a VERY long one at that, so when it was still the fifth inning after they had been playing for over two hours, we decided to call it quits and head home to get Stella to bed. This was a smart move even though we didn't get to see the whole game. It was after 11 when we finally got home and got her to bed. She was one tired little girl, but we had a great time and she was super cute in her little Giants' shirt. Even now, whenever she wears the shirt, she yells "Go Giants!"

And those were our pre-cruise adventures. September was a very busy month for us. Next stop: Venice!


Sharon said...

Sam's first visit to a petting zoo ended with all the animals running from him. He scared one goat so badly that he went to hug it (which was a slap on the butt) and the goat pooped and took off running.

Ashlee said...

What a cute girl. I love that she tries to hug all animals.