Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 2 of the Midwest Vacation

I have not been able to find any of this elusive free time that I talked about, but it's time for an update anyway. Having arrived at my parents so late on Saturday night, we were not excited about getting up to get ready for 8 am church. But, we did it anyway and enjoyed going to the Nauvoo missionary ward and watching their Sacrament passing system at work. There are over a thousand people in my parents' ward and watching their elaborate system for making sure everyone got the Sacrament was quite a treat. We enjoyed church and, after some morning showers, were pleased to see the weather clearing as we headed home. After our early church meetings, we all needed a good Sunday nap before heading out to see Nauvoo. We had seen the temple briefly driving into Nauvoo (since we missed the turn onto my parents' street and ended up near the temple) and again going to and from church since the chapel is nearby. But, we hadn't seen much else. So, after lunch and a good afternoon nap, we were ready to head out. My parents live within walking distance of most of the sites in historic Nauvoo, so we started walking!

My parents in front of their house on Parley Street

Practicing with our new camera. I told you it's awesome!

Ready to hit the town!

We visited the Post Office, Printing Press, and John Taylor home and then headed over to the Gunsmith and Tinsmith shops. We also went to the Bakery (free cookie and free recipe - Yummy!), the Cultural Hall, and the Family Living Center (where we learned about making bread [with free samples], making candles, spinning flax, and making rope). Good times!

Amy and I on a wagon

After visiting the Gunsmith, it's time for the Gunshow!

After all of our sightseeing and walking around Nauvoo, we headed home. When we got home, the sun was setting and, with the clouds in the sky, it was an absolutely gorgeous sunset. So, my dad decided we should head up to the temple to see it better (since the temple is up on a bluff). We grabbed our cameras, jumped in the car, and drove the 5 minutes to the temple. We took several pictures, with storm clouds gathering above us all the while. As the sun went down and we finished taking pictures, the clouds let loose with huge raindrops and we made a run for the car. Within moments, it was a downpour. But, not to worry. As we pulled up to the house five minutes later, the rain had all but stopped and we went on with our Sunday evening.

The temple with the gathering storm clouds ready to unleash their fury.


Kristina said...

That shot of the temple is amazing!

LJ and DC said...

Look at Gary and Leah at their cute little house!!! What a beautiful sky over the temple. Hurrah!

Andrea said...

Love that picture of the temple.

When you first wrote morning showers I thought you meant you didn't shower before church since it was so early. :)

Kim said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of the temple. You should print that out big and frame it.

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

I love seeing the pictures of your trip. It's fun to see your parents as missionaries.

Jeff and Amy said...

I love that picture of the temple! Your parents are so cute...say hi to them for me!