Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 4 in the Midwest

My parents were working in the Temple in the morning, so we headed over to the Nauvoo Visitors' Center where we took a little carriage ride through the countryside. We also went to see another historic site and then went into town to pick up some birthday decorations so we could decorate my parents' house for my mom's birthday.

The carriage ride

More fun with the camera

After picking up the decorations we rushed back so we could get the place decorated before my parents got home. We did it and my mom was so surprised! Hooray! It was lots of fun to be there to celebrate with my mom. After they got home, we ate lunch and then headed back to the Visitors' Center for a show called High Hopes and Riverboats. After that, it was off to more historic sites.

The Nauvoo wildlife

We went out to dinner for my mom's birthday and had a tasty buffet at the Hotel Nauvoo. When we got home, we decided to walk down Parley Street which is the road the Saints took when leaving Nauvoo for the long exodus west. The street is lined with plaques containing quotes and stories of some of the Saints' experiences in leaving Nauvoo.

On Parley Street

Walking down Parley Street, we ran into our old friends, Gary and Gabe the oxen. I liked the oxen a lot, so I stopped to say hello. Unfortunately it was not documented on film (or digital film), but moments after Jared took this picture, Gary the ox licked my arm!

Me and Gary are great friends!

As we walked down Parley Street reading the plaques, we also enjoyed a beautiful sunset and tons and tons of fireflies which were totally awesome. Jared tried to get pictures of them, but they were very camera shy and we didn't get a single firefly picture. I wish we had fireflies in California!

Walking down Parley Street

Amy enjoys a Mississippi River sunset


Hilary said...

Gary sounds like a great new friend. I can't believe he licked you...haha!

Experiencing fireflies is one thing I haven't done yet in my life. Sounds magical! Some day we need to go to Nauvoo too, it looks awesome.

Andrea said...

Hm, so, was the lick one of those, "I'm never going to wash my arm again" licks, or the kind that you ran for the hand sanitizer?

Cool that you could spend your mom's birthday with her.

Dana said...

It looks like you guys had a grand ol' time. I loved the pics and your new camera seems great!

k8esk8e said...

Sounds like you're havin' some fun! And I must agree, oxen are grand. :) Anyways, hope you guys have or had a grand ole time and have a safe trip home. Toodles!