Monday, July 7, 2008

Item of the Week

We just got back from an awesome vacation to the midwest (yes, I said awesome and midwest in the same sentence), so this post is a few days late. Before I begin chronicling our vacation, I have to introduce my item of the week, whose greatness will be demonstrated and displayed in future posts. This week's item of the week is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi Digital SLR Camera.

I decided we needed a digital SLR since we both only have point and shoots. And, of course, what better time than before going on vacation? So, after doing a little research, we decided on this bad boy and Jared purchased it the day before we left. And after using it for a week, we are both in love with it. THIS CAMERA IS AWESOME!!!!

Once we get our vacation pictures onto the computer, I will start blogging about our trip and then you will all see how great this camera is. I, who don't really know anything important about photography, was taking great pictures within moments. Of course, part of that was because Jared was giving me lessons, but it was all in the manual mode, not automatic. I'm such a big girl now!


Ashlee said...

The Rebel is a great camera. I'm glad you guys decided on that one. It's a lot of bang for your buck. Even I can admit that, and I'm a Nikon person! By the way, I am so glad you shot in manual mode. I feel like a proud mom watching her kid ride a bike for the first time. Next time I'm with you guys, we should go shooting! Camera shooting that is. I don't love guns ;)

Molly said...

Aw, man. I want one of those. But right now I'm in the market for a little camera. The fuji we have now is just too big (and not cool like yours). I would have had some amazing shots of mountain meadows and wildflowers from this weekend, but there was nowhere to stow our big camera on our mountain bikes. So little camera it is. And I'll just dream about your big fancy camera.

Jenni said...

Molly, I love Canon - they have excellent picture quality. My point and shoot is awesome. It's a Canon PowerShot SD300 (several years old - you can get more megapixels for the same price now) and it totally fits in my pocket. That's the camera I took when we climbed Half Dome and it gave me some great pics.

LJ and DC said...

Hurray! YOu'll have to give me manual lessons too, I'm learning, but not great!