Friday, August 1, 2008

Item of the Week

This week, I have two items of the week. Actually, one is from last week but I didn't have time to blog about. But, these two items have so improved my life this week, that I had to proclaim their merits to the world. First is last week's item: Mitchell's Ice Cream

Mitchell's Ice Cream on Guerrero

For years I have been hearing about Mitchell's Ice Cream in San Francisco. People come from near and far just to enjoy this tasty treat. In all of my associations with San Francisco, I have never had it. Well, Jared and I decided to try it last Saturday when we were in the city for a Quinceanera (I will blog about that later!). Before I continue, please note that I do not consider myself an ice cream lover. I like ice cream and I enjoy it as a tasty treat every now and again. But, it's not my favorite dessert or anything. I mean, I'm not about to kill for ice cream. So, here was our Mitchell's experience. First of all, it isn't in a convenient neighborhood. That's why I've never been there. Second, parking is beastly near Mitchell's. It took Jared and I at least 20 minutes to find parking and in the end we just gave up and parked farther away. Third, when we got to Mitchell's we took a number, 47, and heard them call the next number, 23 (or thereabouts). I thought, is this for real? Is this ice cream that good? After waiting about 20 minutes (on top of our 20 minute quest for parking), let me tell you people, it is that good. This is probably the creamiest, tastiest ice cream I have ever had. As I said, I do not consider myself an ice cream lover, but here we are a week later and I'm still thinking about that tasty ice cream cone! Next time you are in San Francisco, I highly suggest a stop at this establishment of tasty dairy heaven!

Okay, on to item two. This week, I came down with a cold. Grrrrr. I don't get sick in the summertime! What is happening?!?! We blame Jared's coworkers. He got it from them and then, of course, gave it to me. Well, when I started feeling sick, I started taking Cold-Eeze. I don't actually care that much about Cold-Eeze, it's the zinc inside that matters. But, for this post my item of the week is Cold-Eeze Bubble Gum Balls.

Zinc tastes disgusting. It tastes worse when they try to cover it up with some other flavor like Cherry or Honey Lemon which they always do with the Lozenges. But, Cold-Eeze Bubble Gum is pure Zinc nastiness. I have to have some way to get my zinc when I come down with a cold and, for me, I don't want nastiness mixed with other flavors. I'll take the straight nastiness please. You may wonder why I insist on taking Zinc if it's so disgusting. And I still have the cold, so what's the point? Well, I'll tell you the point. True enough, Zinc doesn't kill those nasty little viruses and it won't make your cold go away immediately. But, Zinc boosts your immune system, helping your body to get over the cold faster and it reduces the symptoms while you have the cold. And Zinc is the only thing, proven by studies, to do this. I began feeling sick on Tuesday afternoon and I'm already almost over my cold. Hooray for Cold-Eeze Bubble Gum Balls!


Andrea said...

I really want some ice cream now.

k8esk8e said...

Cold eeze is fabulous. It quite seriously is one of my favorite things. I talk it and start feeling better so fast. I swear by it. It disgusting, but it works. :) Sorry you were sick.

Trenda said...

I havent tried either one of these! I'll keep them in mind. Thanks for writing the memory about the glow worm on my blog! I do remember that . . . too funny! I also remember the interesting bus driver with the thick glasses, the old men that sat around doing nothing, the fish markets, the interesting meals, and the people who would talk forever!! At the time, a mission seemed so hard, but looking back on it it was such a cool experience! Thanks for sharing it with me! :)

Sabinators said...

Now i want ice cream!