Saturday, August 9, 2008

Item of the Week

This week's item of the week is very near and dear to my heart. It is the Summer Olympic Games. I am a HUGE fan of the olympic games and am so excited about them. Growing up, my family watched the games religiously every four years. One of my biggest sacrifices for my mission was missing the winter games in Salt Lake City. Now, with the winter and summer games split, I can look forward to this two week, international festival of sports prowess every two years. That makes my heart so happy! I will have the TV on as much as possible for the next couple of weeks and we're Tivoing everything. I love rooting for Team USA and I love seeing us dominate. During the last summer games, we were watching the Final of a men's Track & Field race and the US runner was WAY ahead of everyone else. My friend Kristen saw how far ahead he was and said, "That's, like, us beating everyone with a stick!" One of my favorite olympic-related quotes. And, while I didn't plan for my last day of work at UCSF to be the opening day of the games, it couldn't have worked out better. Go USA and happy olympics viewing! If anyone needs to come watch with me, just let me know!

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Sabinators said...

Go Jenni! I love the Olympic Sports! GO MICHEAL PHELPS! I can't believe he won 8 gold medals! INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!