Monday, October 13, 2008


This is how I know Leah (my mom) loves me. She made me this awesome Halloween pillowcase a few years ago. Just how awesome is it? It glows in the dark!

This is how Jared knows I love him. I made him this awesome Halloween pillowcase last year when we were engaged. It doesn't glow in the dark (I couldn't find any awesome glow in the dark material), but it's still awesome. Still, he's a little jealous of mine.

Nothing says love like a handmade pillowcase!


Andrea said...


Dana said...

Those are pretty awesome Jenni. Next time we are driving around Castro area we will show you the leg lamp!

Mary Pat said...

Wow! I never knew you had the skills of a seamstress. I am so jealous, way more so than Jared.

Jeff and Amy said...

Holy crap I feel like a jerk for not stopping by to say hi. I came in Friday night and left Sunday morning so I only had one day to do everything and I just wasn't thinking. I wasn't even planning on stopping by the house but I found myself on Wolfe so I decided to take a quick detour. Next time I will definitely stop by.

Like the pillowcases. I am no seamstress so I'm pretty impressed. Jared is a lucky man.

KMB said...

My handmade pillow case from Jenni is currently on my bed. What a wonderful birthday present. It's all about love and happiness!