Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hooray! We finally had our first visitors since we got married! Last weekend, Jared's parents came out from Rexburg to visit us here in beautiful, sunny California. There is lots to do here, so we were busy all weekend. We had a great time and hope Jared's parents did too! A recap of the visit:

We picked up the parentals on Friday around lunchtime. They flew into Oakland, so after picking them up we headed across the bridge for some good times in San Francisco. We got lunch, saw the Palace of Fine Arts (which is currently closed off for renovation), hung out in the Marina, got some ice cream, went up to twin peaks for an awesome view, got dinner at one of our fave places - Eliza's - and then headed home. It was a busy day!

What a beautiful day to be in the city!

Me and Jared - We love SF!

Jared and his parents

I absolutely love the view from Twin Peaks and with the fog creeping in from the coast, it's even more awesome!

On Saturday, I had to work, so I didn't get to play. But, Jared took his parents to Half Moon Bay and then they drove up the coast on Highway 1. They went to Muir woods and then headed back to the city for an attempt at shopping on Union Square. The Square was absolutely packed, so the shopping didn't work out. So, after I got done with work and they got back to Sunnyvale, we took Jared's mom to DSW (one of the best shoe stores ever) and to Macy's (her fave). No pictures of that (I think Jared forgot the camera).

Sunday was chillax day, sort of. I finally got a calling. I'm now in the Young Women's Presidency in our ward, so Sunday ended up being very busy for me since they sustained us and set us apart that day. Hopefully Jared's mom didn't mind going to RS by herself and hopefully they didn't mind waiting around for me to be done after church! After church we got to relax at home and rest a little bit after the busy sightseeing.

Monday we took the parentals down south to Pacific Grove and Carmel. We stopped for a tasty brunch and then headed off to 17 Mile Drive. Unfortunately it was overcast all day, so the views were not as spectacular as they could have been. But we still had a great time and got a great look at the 18th green at Pebble Beach. We made a quick stop at the beach in Carmel, did a little shopping, and then headed to Monterey to get an ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli. After that we headed home, stopping in Gilroy for some outlet shopping on the way.

The Lone Cypress on 17 Mile Drive

Jared and his dad on the beach in Carmel

Me and Jared - We love Carmel!

Jared's parents left on Tuesday morning and we were sad they had to go. We had a great weekend, though! Thanks for visiting us!


Molly said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun! We live in a wonderful place. :)

mommafriz said...

You made it very tough to come home & go back to doing the same old same old same old; did I mention that grandma Frisby keeps repeating herself?

Jared said...

Poor grandma

Bernie said...

It looked fun! I miss California!

Dalene said...

Okay, that post made me miss California (insert unhappy face here). The day in SF looked like perfect weather.

Andrea said...

Looks like fun.