Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I don't have a lot to say, but I guess I'm about due for a new post. So, here's an update on what's been going on. My ear is healing nicely. I'm now band-aid free and the scab even came off. We still don't have our ceiling done, but hopefully it won't be too much longer. I think we have pretty much decided to go with the cherry color stain on the wood. Thanks for all the blogpinions. When we get the ceiling done and I post pictures, you can all give me your blogpinions on whether or not it looks good. Life has been a little crazy. Mr. Frisby has started another semester, so working on projects around the house has taken a backseat to homework. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing. If we can't do projects around the house, we don't spend money on project supplies. And that gives us a chance to start saving again. Oh wait, we just spend our money on other things. Like taking this little monkey to the vet:

Speaking of Scout, we've had her for just over a month now, so I guess she deserves an update as well. She is almost 4 months old and is currently growing - so fast I can almost see it happening. She's ginormous (please note, ginormous is relative. She was super tiny to begin with, so while she's actually very small, she's ginormous compared to when we first got her)! She's gotten over her bronchitis and ear infection nicely and is feeling much better, but now has Giardia, so we're giving her some medication for that. Hopefully she'll be all healthy after she kicks this parasite. She has another round of vaccines coming up and then we get to set up her spaying appointment, so she's in for an exciting month. She's had lots of adventures recently, but I didn't take any pictures of them. She had a playdate with some other friendly dogs. We're working on getting her all socialized so she'll be nice to everyone. She did pretty well and seemed to enjoy playing with Logan, Moxie, and Marceau (thanks a ton, Mostess and Cashby!). We're also trying to teach her how to get out of the swimming pool. She has absolutely no desire to get in the water, but we figure she needs to know how to get out in case she were ever to fall in. So, we decided to put her in the pool and teach her to swim over to the steps so she could get out. She hated it, but she did pretty well. She started swimming immediately, but she got tired fast since she's so small. It'll take some more work before we'll feel like she could get out on her own, but she made some good efforts. And she looked so tiny all dripping wet! I really should've taken a picture. Maybe next time.

So, that's what's been going on with us. We don't really have anything super fun planned for the near (or distant) future, so I hope you're all looking forward to house updates!


Molly said...

I wish teaching a kid to swim were that easy!

The Mostess said...

Logan loved getting bossed around by your diminutive pup. Bring her over anytime!

Andrea said...

Congrats on making the ceiling color decision (or at least pretty much making it). Hopefully your noticeable unfinished projects get finished a lot sooner than ours. We've had a hole in our kitchen where we took out a wall for a year and a half now.

Kim said...

I can't believe Scout has giardia! Poor girl. My friend's kittens just got over that. We should definitely set up a playdate for our pups. I think Bailey isn't supposed to hang out with other pups until her next set of shots in like 2 weeks. So, we'll have to set up something after that. My brother's schnauzer loves to swim. He jumps in their pool all the time by himself and just cruises around. It's pretty funny and cute. Maybe Scout will learn to love swimming.