Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Annual Trek

On Friday morning after Thanksgiving, we headed up to the Santa Cruz mountains to cut down our Christmas Tree. We've been going to the same tree farm every year since I can remember and it's a great tradition for us. My sister insisted we go first thing on Friday so the good trees wouldn't be gone. We all met up at the tree farm and began the process of getting the perfect tree. It's a simple process really:

First, find groundhog holes and dig for the little beasts (okay, this was really only a step for Scout).

Scout was in absolute heaven and beyond excited to be going after small, furry, live animals. I don't think she could've had a better day and she would probably say it was worth it in spite of me having to pick burrs out of her fur the whole way home.

Next, find the perfect tree. This is probably the most important step. We Jespersens always go for the White Fir.

I know that we're blocking the view of the tree in this picture, but it's perfect, don't worry. Sometimes this step in the process is very quick. Other times it's a painful and arduous task. This year, it was kind of in between. It took a little searching, but none of this hiking all over the mountainside business that has happened in years past.

Third, cut down said perfect tree.

My nephews, George and Max, helped Mr. Frisby cut down the tree. Cutting down a Christmas tree was a new experience for them. Their family goes for the artificial variety each year.

Then, carry the perfect Christmas tree to the car.

Max "helped" Mr. Frisby with this task.

And, finally, load up your perfect Christmas tree to take it home.

This step is what has caused my dad for the last several years to try to persuade my mom to go artificial.

Some may think it's more practical, convenient, and a lot less work to have an artificial tree. But, this is one of my most beloved Christmas traditions and I wouldn't do it any other way.


cara said...

I had SUCH a fun time!! And I've never gone to pick out a tree!! I wish we could. Stupid artificial stuff...

Molly said...

White fir all the way, baby. We still need to go get our tree!!

Julie Sparks said...

Thank heaven somebody in this family is still blogging. Sharon...Ella...