Saturday, December 4, 2010


It seems everyone else has already blogged about Thanksgiving and moved on to Christmas preparations. I guess I'm a little behind. I blame it on spending all of my spare time painting wood in preparation for ceiling project #3. But, right now the furnace man is here to fix our Furnace/AC problem, so I figure what better way to bide the time until he leaves.

We had a busy Thanksgiving week. Mr. Frisby had quite a bit of homework to catch up on and my sister came into town with her family, so there was always something going on. On Monday, we decided to leave the kids at home and head to Napa Valley for the day. With six kids, my sister is fortunate to have two kids of babysitting age, so it's easy for her to leave the kids and take off for a day. So, away we went. It was very pretty and we had a good time checking out wine country. We also had some very good eats. Being in wine country, I naturally wanted to sample the local product. However, since I don't drink alcohol, I opted for a very expensive glass of grape juice. And it was probably the best and most expensive grape juice I've ever had. We didn't take a lot of pics of the day, but here are a few:

The next couple of days were spent doing various activities with the fam. Wednesday included a mini trip to the outlets in Gilroy where I found some screamin' good deals and didn't have to deal with crazy shoppers. Why wake up at 3am on Black Friday to deal with pushy shoppers for good deals when I can go to the stores at my leisure on Wednesday and deal with almost no shoppers and still get good deals? On Wednesday night, I got started on the Turkey.

With family in town, we had a big group for Thanksgiving dinner. I believe the number was over 20. We decided to do dinner at my sister's house and she figured one turkey wouldn't be enough. Since we live pretty close to her, she asked me to make the second turkey. I have never done a turkey before, but I told her that if she told me how to do it, I would be fine with it. She has a recipe for a brine for the turkey, so that's what we did. We would put it in the brine the night before and then pull it out and put it in the oven on Thanksgiving morning. I didn't think much of it until I actually had to pull out the turkey and start working on it. I think the most disturbing part for me was reaching into the turkey to pull out the neck. Still makes me shudder. Then, I got a little grossed out when I had to reach in and stuff it with oranges (part of the recipe) and subsequently reach in and pull them out before putting it in the oven. I survived, though, and the turkey was fabulous. I was really quite proud. Pics of the process:

Thanksgiving morning was pretty leisurely. We watched the parade and then when I got started on the Turkey, the dog show came on. Scout relaxed on the couch to watch. She was rooting for all of the Schnauzers and was a little disappointed when they didn't win.

When the turkey was done, we headed to my sister's for the Thanksgiving festivities. We had a great time.

Unfortunately, not everyone got to eat Thanksgiving dinner, though Scout placed herself in the right location for falling scraps.

After my hard work making the turkey and then eating it, I needed a little nap.

And that was our Thanksgiving. The furnace man is gone now and I have a busy day, so the conclusion of our Thanksgiving week will have to wait.


Gordita said...

I too prepared a turkey for the first time in my life and I found it thoroughly disgusting, even wearing surgical gloves and all. The whole pulling bags of bits from varying orifices was, um, horrifying. I feel your pain.

Your turkey looks beautiful, by the way.

Andrea said...

Way to go on doing your first turkey. I've yet to do one. I was a bit grossed out just by your description.